Intro: Loafers for Men

Loafers are a bunch of very versatile footwear that have lots of heritage behind them, from the Aurland loafer to the Gucci loafer, these brand of shoes have caught the fancy of many gents around the world.

They are easy to wear, just like your regular slip-ons but quite different from slip-ons. They share a lot of similarities with moccasins and it could take someone who is really fashionable to spot the difference between them.

So lets take a look at the popular types of loafers in fashion now.

The Penny/Gucci Loafers

The penny loafer remains the most versatile and all rounder loafers for men. Literally the name penny loafer date’s back to the 50’s where it is said that the perp wishing to make a fashion statement could hide a penny in the diamond shaped cut out. In those days, a penny or two was sufficient to make an emergency call. It is also popularly called the weejun  loafer, coined from Norwegian roots. It features lining around the hemp while pennies can adequately fit into the diamond cut slits.

Gucci was the first to re-modify the penny loafer. With a kin eye for fashion trends they immediately harnessed the growing popularity of the penny loafer and incorporated a horse-like bit (Metal strap) across the front end. This style increasingly became known as the Gucci loafer.

The Gucci loafer has successfully metamorphosed the casual loafer into a more formal loafer that can be worn with suits.

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The Tassel Loafers

 As the name implies , a major distinguishing feature of this loafer is the incorporation of a tassel-like material just at the front of the shoe. It’s a whole cut end loafer with rounded toes beautifully designed with a reverse seam per say. They are quite durable and versatile. Hybrid versions of the tassel loafer include the tassel driver and the tassel slip-on in which a tassel is incorporated to an everyday driver or slip-on loafer.

The Monstrap Loafers

 The monkstrap loafers are typically made of leather and they have evolved as the need for more trendy styles emerge. Closely related to the Wildsmith loafer a single monkstrap loafer has a metal buckle strap just at the side while a double monkstrap has double buckle straps. Versatility is achieved in the a way the buckle straps are designed , positioned and the different helming styles. Degree and level of perforations also gives the monkstrap more options for style.

Boat Shoes

 The boat loafers has a specially designed sole inspired by the craftman Paul A. Sperry after noticing the amazing ability of dogs to withstand slipping on ice. The slant like fearture and the contor design of the sole is built to mimic the hoof of the dog. Finding its way to the fashion scene since the 40’s the boat shoe loafer also called the dock shoes are primarily for casual attires.

Slip-on Loafers

 The ease at which these loafers are worn justifies the name slip-on. Beautiful styles come in suede and leather matched with durable rubber or synthetic soles. They will do just fine on a brown/black straight chinos with a regular unstructured/half lined suit.


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