Single Watch Winder With Cover

This is a newly designed single watch winder model that eliminates the problem faced by earlier models of fitting uneasily to larger and heavier watches, hereby accommodating waist sizes larger than 10 inches.

Upholstery designed with a flux leather exterior and a flux suede interior to give it a unique soft hand. The wolf heritage 270002 watch winder features patented winding/rotation programs geared to keep your watch up and running at all times.  Clockwise ,anticlockwise and bidirectional movements reprogrammed into the single watch winder. It will complete an average of 900 turns/winds per day in either three directions presented by its owner.

Wolf 27002 single watch winder is compactly designed with a product weight of merely 61b, with 3D specification: 5.375 Inch W x 18.875 inch D x 6.75 inch Height.

One problem faced by online shoppers with watch winders is that they are noisy. Careful research would reveal that the wolf brand and probably orbita watch winders are in a different class in this industry. The excellent engineered design and seamless working ability makes the Wolf 270002 heritage winder noiseless. That I can assure you based on verified purchases form most customers.

If you do have a $40 watch you might be better off with a plastic winder but high end watch owners would find that the wolf 270002 brand is worth every penny. It is rich and beautiful with no obnoxious lighting systems, long lasting exterior and interior finish powered by steel motor controls

It out shines by a mile some more expensive watch winders of considerably capabilities.

 Customer Service

The folks at Wolf are superb at customer relations. They will assist you with whatever problems, if any, may arise. They are great at what they do and so there is an air of confidence about them because they place quality over quantity.

Merits of the Wolf 270002 heritage Watch Winder

  • Operates Seamlessly with minimal noise
  • Way better than most plastic winders
  • Better choice than some more expensive winders of considerable functionality.
  • Exquisite finish, feel and soft.
  • Excellent customer service, (willing to replace, refund, or assist in whatever problems that might arise).
  • Its design makes it an enclosed showcase box rather than a necessary winding machine.

Demerits of the Wolf 270002 Heritage Watch Winder

  • Till date, most verified customer reviews have been positive, although the high price for a watch winder might be seen as a drawback. But I think the Wolf company is gradually phasing out the heritage collections since it is no longer listed (last time I checked) on their website Its no wonder you can now purchase this winder at rock bottom prices at online retailers.

Price Comparison Chart

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Wolf Single Watch Winder


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