Double Automatic Watch Winder

If you are fortunate to own a high end luxury watch, a nice watch winder accessory might be an absolute necessity.  A luxurious watch winder rather than a flimsy plastic box would be way better. Who puts new wine in old bottles anyway. The Wolf 270402 heritage Double Automatic watch winder is head and shoulders above the average watch winder in the industry.  But what makes a great Wolf Watch Winder?

  • The Motor
  • The Motor Movement
  • The materials used in designing the winder

The Wolf 270402 Heritage collection 2.1 is a double Automatic watch winder featuring a patented rotation program with a pre-programmed pause an sleep phase possible of completing about 180mins roughly 900 TPS (Turns Per Day) in either of three directions; clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional.

The Wolf 270402 double watch winder was built to be extremely quiet to the point you begin to doubt if its even working properly.

Seamless Motor Movement

You just can’t hear a sound. No worrisome cramming gears, no human sound, no buzz, ultra quiet, elegant and secure. Don’t take my word for it, hook-up customer reviews then. Hardly does the wolf Band get a 3 star, its all 4 to 5 stars.

Features/Appearance at a Glance

Supremely crafted to serve two major purpose, act as a great winder and in awesome show box for your high end timepiece.  Elegant flux pebble black leather interior with a chrome clasp lock. 2 winding modules grosgrain lining system and glass cover. Simply beautiful.


Using the Wolf 270402 Heritage double automatic watch winder is not rocket science. Even a two year old will get along with it. Just turn it on and let it do what it was was built to do.  From the mounting mechanism its pre-programmed settings, are all easy to use.

Merits of the Wolf 270402 Double Watch Winder:

  • State of the art craftsmanship.
  • Extremely quiet and easy to use.
  • Double automatic watch winder, two storage cases.
  • Stylishly built to last.
  • Insulator mechanism, protects your watch form magnetization which could damage the strings of your watch.  A feature looked by most brands and low watch winders.


  • Only drawback noticed might be its size, not so large through. But its compact and can fit a 10 inch wrist watch owner.

Price Comparison Chart.

No.                                 Retailer                         Price

  1.                                    Amazon                          $254.95
  2.                                    Jomashop                       $487/50
  3.                                    Ebay                               $379.99
  4.                                    Swiss Winder                  $487.50
  5.                                    Way Fair                         $254.95


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