London Fog Caps – What are they?


Look Smart All around the Year – Day or Night- London Fog Caps

No good looking gentleman must walk in the cold winter without a good looking cap. London fog hats are popularly known as cabbie caps, flat caps, a driving cap, or a Jeff cap. There are a number of beautifully crafted caps from London Fog that will suit your style, for any day and every day.

My favorite kind of hat. I need so many of these.

The caps were very popular with the working class people in the late 19th century in London and United States. Car enthusiasts and racers were the predominant groups of people who got to wear these types of caps in the earlier days. It makes a loud and clear statement about your style when you wear these caps.

The Look, Feel & Touch of London Fog caps

The caps are usually woolen or blended wool that would suit any tweed jacket or blazer perfectly. London fog is also famous for their leather caps. Depending upon their type, the London Fog cap gives distinct effect to the style statement of the gentleman who wears the cap. Here is a list of popular caps from London Fog

Newsboy Cap. Not the same as the Ivy cap. You do gotta find the one that is right for you though.


  1. London fog windowpane ivy checks cap

The windowpane ivy checks cap has a dapper finishing effect. It has a pre-curved visor and can be adjusted for any head size. The material is made up of 35% wool and 65% polyester, making it smooth to wear. There is a leather strap with a metal clip press to secure the cap firmly on the crown. It also has a polyester lining for more durability of the cap. It is available in either brown or grey shades. Washing care includes dry cleaning only.

  1. London fog hounds-tooth ivy cap

The hounds-tooth ivy cap is a cap designed by the Crown Caps (1987) Ltd. It is made of a wool blend material. It is lined with 100% cotton material that allows the cap to be more breathable and the front elastic is a comfort fit with a sweatband that controls and absorbs sweat. It has a pre-curved visor that is sewn craftily. The cap is available in sizes from medium to Extra large in two available shades – Olive and Charcoal and both have a special impact when worn with the right mate of dress.

  1. London fog leather cap duckbill

The leather cap is made up of pure leather. This makes this cap pricey than the other caps, but it is a solid influence to anyone who wears it. It can give a vintage effect to the person’s attire. It has a polyester lining. It is available in either brown or black.

  1. London fog flat cap

This flat cap is a basic model from the London fog. It is made up of 30% wool and 70% polyester material. It has a polyester lining that facilitates more durability to the cap. It is available in 3 sizes and in two color choices – Black/Grey and Taupe.

Style outfit 1

Style outfit 2

Still handsome: David Beckham worked a somewhat granddad-inspired look with his flat cap a...

Style outfit 3

David Beckham wearing Red Wing Heritage Moc 6 Boots and Stetson Newsboy Cloth Hat

Style outfit 4

Other famous London fog Hats

London Fog also has a range of hats ranging from the Fedora types to Aviator wool blend faux fur trims. These hats are distinct in terms of good quality and affordable price just like the other types of caps from London Fog.

What Not To Do While Wearing Caps – London Fog style

Just like many hats and caps, there are a few no-nos if you want to wear them correctly. These include:

  • Never wear your caps along with sunglasses. These caps come with a good visor that already protects your eyes. If you wear a sunglass, it would make you look like an impostor or a crook who wants to hide his identity.
  • Never opt to wear your cap when you are inside the building. In most formal places like work or conference room, wearing a cap might be considered offensive.
  • Always, do not wear the same color caps as your dress. It will not create a pleasing effect on people who see you.
  • Wear the cap right. You might think it cine-style, but wearing it sideways or backward might actually make you look like a nincompoop.
  • Fabric match. Try to match your Blazer fabric similar to your cap. The uniformity in the material gives a classy look to you
  • Caps should fit like a glove – Always opt for the right fit, strap it or buckle it tight. Buy a cap that is streamlined to your head and that which has a tighter look. Loose fits seem a bit too feminine

In Conclusion

Classic meets the trendy with these beautiful work of art caps from London fog. With the right selection of dress, the cap looks best on you. You could choose a navy suit or a white tee with a good matching blazer and a pair of jeans to compliment the flat cap from London Fog. It would make you look great and feel bright!


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