What is an Overshirt


There is no straight-up definition for an overshirt. The terminology was coined from military origins can technically are somewhere in between a regular shirt and a light jacket. They can even serve both purposes. Typically they will have some similarities with a shirt like collars, buttons or zip and can normally be made from heavier materials like cotton or wool so you can easily distinguish it from a regular shirt. They are a great layering piece during autumn and winter.


Best ways to style and wear an Overshirt

Overshirts are a very good layering piece.  They have been staple clothing for men over the years for very good reasons. From day to night, dusk till dawn you will find the overshirt a very useful piece of clothing. Want to know how to get the most out of your overshirts? Read on


How to wear an Overshirt

Overshirt is a piece of layering clothing that are usually used either for cooler months or as a cover-up during summer. Most fashion retailers will definitely stock overshirts in various styles and patterns. They originated from military uniforms and can be used to dress and outfit up or down.

Styling a Green Overshirt

Green is a stylish color that can be paired with darker shades. Experiment with a black inner t-shirt and white trainers/sneakers.

where do I find this Jacket!!??

The Double Denim look with Overshirt

This look is secretly making a comeback. Pair this classic look with light wash jeans and a black Chelsea boot to finish off this look. Opt for a button down shirt rather than a tee for a smart casual appearance.

Navy Colored Overshirt

Navy is a great alternate color to black and blue. To create an effortlessly smart look pair navy on top a navy striped button-down shirt. Black chino with wingtip brogue could liven things up a bit.

Check Patterned OverShirts

Patterned overshirt can serve both summer and winter seasons. Dress them up with a heavy winter jacket as a perfect layering piece or standalone during summer for a dress fit. They are truly versatile.

Another Influence Checked Overshirt with Fleece Lining

Street Style Inspiration: Men’s Overshirts

Overshirts pair in nicely to street style clothing. They are great layering options that can quickly get you in the street vibe of the modern era. Think checked overshirt in a thick cotton fabric to act as a jacket. Finish off the look with a stylish red Vans and matching slim or skinny jeans. Sticking to red and black shades is a cool way to display an alternative look without been too overboard. Roll up your jeans cuffs to display your beautiful footwear.


For a smart casual look opt for a blue overshirt with dark rolled cuff jeans and black patent brogues. The blue color should add a little excitement to the outfit while keeping things simple. This combo will work well with almost any outfit you have in your closet.

ASOS Cord Zip Thru Overshirt In Blue - Blue

A quilted zip-up overshirt will pair in nicely all year round in case you are looking for something that will last for multiple seasons. To make the most out of a quilted overshirt stick to versatile colors like black, navy and green. These colors are easier to pair into any look. Complete the quilted overshirt look with a standard dickies chinos and a brogue boots for that understated smart casual look. Quilted jackets will protect you from the elements while still keeping you all dressed up.

Celeb Overshirt Wearing Inspiration


Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham AW16 8 - H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB

How Should an Overshirt Fit

Knowing what works for you in terms of size is the first step to picking a greatly fitted overshirt. There are generally no laid down rules on how an overshirt should fit because of the complexity of the piece. However, most are sized like you would coat, S, M and L. Since you would be wearing them over layered clothing, ensuring that there is enough space underneath is important.

Keep things a bit fitted and avoid at all cost oversized overshirts that make you look like you are wearing your Dad’s coat. Keep things trim and slim just with enough room to wear in a sweater underneath. Check the photo grid below for more overshirt size options.

Different Styles and Types of Overshirts

There are so many types of overshirts to choose from with lots of features and styles. You will find something in store for your events or needs. From those with zips to those with the added functionality of pockets, there is something for everyone. Features are a marker to the kind of formalities the shirt can work well with. You will need button overshirts for smart-casual wears while zips are best suited for casual attire.

Overshirts with Zips

Overshirts with zips are often referred to as simple jackets. They are a great piece to wear over a tee or jumper. The zipper overshirts are good trans-seasonal wears that are useful when the weather is too warm for a coat and too chilly to have nothing on. The zip helps accentuate the casual look of the entire outfit. Zipping fully up can make the jacket appear like a shirt.

Zip-Through Overshirt

Overshirts with Buttons

If you are looking to nail the smart casual look with an overshirt, you’d be better off with a button-down overshirt than with a zip overshirt. Button down overshirts is the most popular style of overshirt in the market. The button style makes it closer looking to a shirt than a true jacket.  Buttons have the added advantage of making the overshirt look good on another shirt, over a tee or underneath a real jacket.

The Idle Man Button Overshirt Green

Overshirts with Front Pockets

Pockets give the overshirts an added functionality whether they are zip or button down overshirts. Front pockets in overshirt are military inspired to add some kind of function to the dress.

Classic-fit pockets twill overshirt | MANGO MAN

How to wear a Black Overshirt

Black is the easiest and safest color to work with when it comes to dress color combinations.  Pair a black overshirt with a dark sweater or jumper. Finish off the look with a tapered stone wash jeans and white trainers or light brown loafers.

ASOS Overshirt With Fleece Collar In Black - Black

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Overshirt

The fabric is an important aspect of the overshirt that can help create the look you desire, whether casual or smart casual. If you are looking to protect yourself from the elements the choosing the right fabric is necessary.

A button down wool overshirt can pass nicely for formal occasions while zip suede overshirt can act both as formal or smart-casual wear. Combine the right fabric with the overshirt type to achieve the best results.

Heavy Cotton Overshirts

When it comes to overshirts, cotton is the most common fabric used. It will keep you warm and can act as a good layer in-between seasons. A cotton is also a nice option during winter where it can serve as a choice fabric between your jacket and tee. Cotton is better suited with jeans and chinos but can also work well with other materials.

HYMN Hawen Brushed Cotton Heavy Check Overshirt

Wool and Flannel Overshirts

Flannel can serve as a nice cotton alternative to keep you warm during winter. Flannels are great fabric choice and come in a variety of styles and patterns such as checks, plaid and full-blown printed. Flannel overshirts can help you pull off the lumberjack look with bold colors like black. Truly the style options with a flannel shirt are vast. Whether you choose to keep things simple or go all out with a statement piece the choice is yours to make. Style them with a pair of jeans or opt for a more vintage look.

Dickies - Men's Big & Tall Quilted Flannel Overshirt With Fleece Hood Charcoal (Grey)/Red Xxxl Tall, Size: 3XL Tall

Overshirt Jacket Style

The overshirt jacket style look is not only suited to mountaineering but also for that nice sports luxe look especially when the jacket is made from nylon.  Because of its waterproof nature, you should feel comfortable wearing them during spring in which a coat might appear too heavy. Keeping you sheltered from both the rain and wind use the nylon overshirt jacket during spring.

Pair the nylon fabric with jeans for a casual fit.


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