What Exactly Are Cufflinks?


Accessorizing with the Right Cufflinks

Cufflinks are used to secure button shirts cuffs and may also be an item of jewelry for men. Cufflinks are one of the most admired fashion accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe. They play an important role when it comes to creating an impact on others in style and sophistication. Though it is a small piece, it is a really admired fashion accessory.

Materials Used in Designing Cufflinks

Cufflinks are created or produced from a variety of different materials, such as gemstones, leather, metal, precious metals, glass and also a combination of these. Securing of the cufflinks is usually achieved or gotten via toggles or reverses based on the design of the front section which can be folded into position.

What Exactly Are Cufflinks?
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The front of cufflinks can be decorated or designed with gemstones, inlays, inset material or enamel design in 2-3 dimensional form.

Round Champagne and White Diamond Mens Cufflinks 14K Gold Button Grid Patterned English Enamel Cufflinks by Jan Leslie Cufflinks Men Stainless Steel Metal Gem Square Wedding Fashion Cuff Link Gold FB
 red and black cufflinks - Google Search Konstantino Sterling Round Scroll with Lapis Stone Cufflinks

Cufflinks are designed only for the use with sleeves which have buttons holes on both sides but no buttons. These may either be single or double length (“French”) cuffs and may be worn either “kissing” with the ends pinched together or “barrel-style” with one end overlapping each other.

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Cufflinks are been produced in a multitude of designs and colors, and the design varies widely which include the “double panel” which consist of a short post or (more often) chain connecting 2 disc-shaped parts, both decorated, other types have a flat decorated face for one side.

Bullet Cufflinks. Daring, sure!
Bullet Cufflinks

The visible part of a cufflink is often decorated, and cufflinks come in numerous style and pattern.

  Konstantino Sterling Round Scroll with Lapis Stone Cufflinks
Black Diamond Moving Rotor Cufflinks A fantastic set of cufflinks featuring a traditional speedometer and a petrol guage. Great cufflinks for any man who loves his car. The cufflinks have a speedo on one link and a petrol guage on the other. Complete with swivel posts to suit any shirt and for easy fastening. The cufflinks come in a smart box which makes them a perfect gift for that special man. Ideal for Birthdays, Passing your driving test or just as a lovely treat.Made from rhodium plated metal for a hard wearing and tarnish ... New Tourbillon Pen is perfect for a gentleman dressed with matching cufflinks


Cufflinks can be worn with casual wear, informal attire or business suits and also with semi-formal attire and formal wear (morning dress or white tie).

An alternative type of cufflinks is the cheaper silk knot which is usually 2 conjoined monkey’s fist knot.

French cuff shirts are often accompanied with a set of color-coordinated silk knots instead of double-button cufflinks.

Metal cufflinks are also shaped look like a silk knot and are also worn

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Cufflinks add an extra touch of sophistication to your outfit or attire.

 Tips on How to Create the Perfect look with Cufflink

Do not get excessive

You can have multiples of cufflinks and still not be able to wear the right one. When you wearing cufflinks always put on a pair that accentuates your look. A good way to match your cufflinks is to wear them with your jewelry. Don’t be too gaudy about it. Keeping it simple and cool is the best way to take if you want to impress others.

Anker Manschettenknöpfe aus Silber handgemacht in Norddeutschland

Pick the right choice or touch

When it comes to wearing of cufflinks always pick the right choice, cufflinks come in different designs and colors, depending on the event or occasion you are attending, always go for the right cufflinks to fit your attire.


The proper shirt

You need to choose a right shirt that will go with your various cufflinks. You should always pick your cufflinks after you put on your shirt and evaluate the kind of event you are going to attend. E.g if you are simply going to a business meeting in an oxford shirt, then you can opt for a less sophisticated material for your cufflinks.

Tardis cufflinks on the groom at a Doctor Who-themed wedding---I made a sonic screwdriver out of a pen and duct tape if anyone wants to know-LK

Pair them accordingly

If you have many cufflinks you might not be able to pair them in a right manner. Always go for matching cufflinks before anything else go for cufflinks of the same materials, or have same pattern or color scheme. That way you do not have to completely different cufflinks complementing your suit and tie. Cufflink should always be an identical match.

Add a Pinch of Glamour in Your Outfit with Stylish Cufflinks from AusCufflinks.

Special or Normal events

Cufflinks are been worn on suits, and also it depends on the type of event you will be attending, after you know this, you can pick out your suit or shirt, and then put on your cufflinks to go along with it. Nothing looks better than someone who is well dressed for a special or normal event.

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Cufflinks provide the perfect answer if you looking for something to upgrade your suit and you can gift cufflinks to someone. It is revered as being classy

An important note is that you should know how to properly wear your cufflinks when you are attending prominent events and business meetings, with this you can really wow the audience or crowd and gain their respect.

Lastly, cufflinks are produced in different sizes, always go for the right size. Cufflinks can take any shape from round, square, rectangular, to triangular etc.


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