Wearing White Pants : The Neutral Power Of White

Wearing white trousers/pants/shorts is not common. It’s not what you see on a daily basis when compared to more traditional colors of blue, brown or even black. There are some factors you might want to consider before shopping for a white jeans/trousers or pants for your lower half. White is a symbol of purity, neutrality and neatness, thus the vibes generated by putting white on correctly cannot be overemphasized.

Honestly speaking, the color white is quite versatile and can be paired with a host of other colors. It can be dressed up or down depending on the weather and occasion.

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Some Basic Rules to Wearing White Pant

You will be better off if its Fitted

Especially if you will be wearing the white trousers with easy shoes like moccasins, tassel loafers and boat shoes. If you really want to look dappered on white, have them slim fitted. This is not to say you can’t go with a rather loose white lower wear, its just that you run the risk of appearing sloppy

Its Neutrality makes it versatile

Experiment with obvious color combinations like gray and navy blue t-shirts and jackets. You can’t go wrong with those. You can also step out with more bold colors like yellow, lilac, green and pink. Patterned stripe shirts, with a mild torch of white is another winner.

White lower wears appeal most during the summer season. White jeans for example will match your traditional indigo and blue denim shirts. Some very hard to match blazers and some pink and tropical wool shirts might just work well with white jeans or chinos.

Wearing White Pants

Think white chinos. They are a nice blend between formal and informal and can serve both purposes. As an anchoring piece, white chinos can be mixed with lots of different colors from a denim shirt to a patterned shirt.

White Chinos and Pants Lookbook

white chinos 1
white chinos 2
white chinos 3
white chinos 5
white chinos 4
white chinos 6

When it comes to wearing white jeans, fitted and regular/slim jeans works best. Avoid the dated linen white trousers although some designers have worked really hard to bring them back into fashion during summer. If you still like the linen, probably because of its easy feel try pairing it with trainers to give it that street like appearance. Leave out white cargo shorts not because its white but because they are a difficult trend to pull off.

Alternatives to White – Shades of White

Of course there will be a lot of cleaning to do when it comes to wearing with trousers so be sure to wear them to places were the occasion demands it. The club house and the dance floor is a no no. If you aren’t too comfortable wearing white then opt for alternatives shades of white. Examples could include off-white trousers, cream white trousers, eggshell. A lumberjack blazer and a pair of brogues will do just fine with these shades of white.

White Pants Trends and Style Examples for Men

Styling white trousers to nail that trendy look can be quite daunting. The first rule is to use the white as a base color and build on top of that base color. We will look for clothes to match the white rather than match your clothes with white.

Think camel or beige and you are in dreamland with white trousers. These colors are good transiting colors that look good especially when a darker overcoat is added.

To nail that casual look, use a bright jacket paired with a neutral colored shoe and you are good to go. The neutral colored shoe is in sync with the white trousers while the bright jacket adds a layer slight sophistication.

Attending a wedding? Or going for a formal event? If you intend to use white for this, then put on a nice beige blazer and remember to match your shoes with your belt color to nail it.

White Pants outfit Combinations

demin 1
demin 2
demin 6
demin 3
demin 4
demin 5

Paring Shoes with White Pants

Loafers are the most popular slip on that go with white trousers. Brown, black and beige loafers will go well. To avoid looking dated make sure the trousers sits just above the loafers.

White sneakers are the most popular casual trainers that go well with white trousers. Try also different colors of trainers that have a slight touch of white to blend.

Desert and Chelsea boots are in trend with white trousers, these days the jean trousers are turned up a little for that trendy look.


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