How to wear Sandals during Summer


How to wear Sandals during Summer

Sandals are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.  They are stylish and easy to put on. This makes them personal favorites for gentlemen.  They can pair in nicely with shorts, chinos, and jeans.

how to wear men sandals

When summer starts we know it’s about time to consider a nice pair of sandals.

Sandals are the perfect addition to summer dressing, whether you’re jetting off on the countryside, perusing the town or just taking a walk in the park.  Sandals will get you almost anywhere in town.  They are very comfortable and stylish if worn properly. In this guide, we showcase how to wear sandals the right way and will try as much as possible to propose breathtaking and eye-catching combinations that will surely get heads rolling.

This guide will try to help you stay stylish with sandals, and it doesn’t really matter your age, your height, demographics, or even body type.  Read on to the end you might just catch a few tips to step up your dress sense.

men's sandal dress combination

Wearing Sandals the right way

Understanding how to wear a pair of sandals can be quite daunting at first but once you get used to, it becomes easier to do.   The problems of not knowing how to wear sandals for most men might be because they don’t get to wear them often. But fear not you don’t have to confine your sandals to a pair of shorts only, there are other ways to wear sandals properly.

Sandals and shorts combination

Starting with the basics, shorts and sandals go well together.  When paired together during the summer months they make your outfit pretty much on point.  The kind of sandals you wear will depend on the length of the short you are wearing.  Whether you are wearing chino shorts, denim short or swim shorts that are brightly colored, sandals can help elevate your look.

sandal and short combination

It is imperative that the style of short you choose must match the kind of sandals you wear. For example, leather flip flop sandals might not work well for smarter chino shorts rather opt for a slightly elevated pair of leather sandals.  Flip flops look more casual and are built for shorts like denim and lightweight cotton shirt. This casual look is best confined for beach resort and other casual activities.

sandals for beach wear

Sandals and Trousers combination

Wearing sandals with trousers is more difficult to pull off than it is with shorts. Opt for trousers rather than shorts if the weather isn’t too hot and you prefer a casual vibe. Sandal-trouser combination is a good alternative to the sandal-short combination. Many thanks to designers and manufacturers for their hard work in creating stylishly designed sandals that have pushed the boundaries of modern day society.  It is commonplace to find men wearing sandals on a day-to-day basis.

sandals and trousers

Instead of confining sandals to the beach we can find people wearing them in parties, walk in the park an even on the countryside.

Tailoring and Sandal

Ditch the 3 piece suit you wear on a daily basis to the boardroom and opt for a rather stylish summer looking suit. Learn to be more creative and experimental on your choice of clothes and pair a tailored suit with a smarter 2 strap sandals in a neutral shade.  This will keep things simple but you will still look sophisticated.   Pairing sandals with a suit is not popular, you have to bring your A game alone and a lot of confidence to do this rightly.

sandals and suits

Keeping things Monochrome with sandals

Monochrome outfit combination is a failsafe system that ensures you are not out of place and a sure fire way of maintaining a casual sense of dress style.  Most guys who are afraid of loud and bright colors for monochrome outfit combinations, there is no better footwear than using neutral sandals to compliment your monochrome outfit.  A black sandal is a flattering color that can pair with a crewneck t-shirt and black jeans.

blacxk sandal monochrome combination

Gladiator sandals and how to wear them

Gladiator sandals are not common.  Only daring guys who want to make a style statement wear them.  If you intend to stay in style this summer a gladiator sandal can elevate your looks.  Big names like Givenchy, Rick Owens, and Versace  I’ve pulled off stunning designs that grace the red carpet. Gladiator sandals are a statement piece if you want to wear one make sure you keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible.

gladiator sandals and shorts

Best Men’s sandals

When it comes to sandals the best of them are those that are comfortable to wear without compromising on style and quality.  A simple pair of flip-flop sandals should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe.  They are affordable easy to wear and maintain. Higher price flip flops come with more luxurious materials like leather.

You can bank on the ease of flip-flops during the summer holiday and for casual work.  Visiting the beach, the pool or hanging out with your friends flip flops are the go-to sandals for everyday activities.

Flip Flops

Flip flops come in regular foam, rubber or leather material.  Depending on your need and budget requirements the flip-flop you choose should reflect the outfit you are trying to pair them with and the use. Although all variations are superb, leather tends to get the most accolades from people.

flip flop snadals

One good thing about flip-flops is that they can be taken off your foot in a moment’s notice.

Best Sandals for walking long distances

The best sandals for walking are those we can count on to do justice to the rugged terrain within the environment.  They can take a beating after walking long distances and yet retain their quality for a long time.  This kind of sandals is durable rather than luxurious.  If you want a sandal you can use for long distances pay close attention to the arch support.  Check closey what the axe support is made off to determine how resistant they are.

Sports-like sandals

For the best sports sandals, look to big-time brands like the North Face and Jack Wolfskin.  They design some of the most stylish sandals that you can think of.  The material is the major feature that differentiates a sporting sandal from regular sandals.  Usually, they are made from strong and hard wearing material and are mainly waterproof with a non-slip sole.  They are built for sports rather than for showcasing as a fashion piece.

Most sports sandals come with specific features that differentiate them from other fashion sandals.  Examples of such features include a closed toe, toggle and zip enclosures with Velcro straps for ease of use.

Best Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals for men are in trend and are one of the trickiest to pull off in the list. If you are new to wearing gladiator sandals you will have a hard time pairing with the right outfits. However, once you get used to them and your confidence level is high then you can begin to enjoy all the style benefits this sandal has to offer.

Product 15

Because of its style, gladiator sandals are ideal for dressing up an outfit. They draw attention to the legs so be sure to stay clear of gladiator sandals if you are mindful of your legs.

Men’s Dress Sandals

Dress sandal has become the style option for a lot of persons. If you are brave enough to rock a pair of sandals with a suit, then feel free to do it with confidence.  As much as possible try to keep this style for the summer months. Winter brings a lot of wet windy weather that are not appropriate for dress sandals.

On that Note

Hope this little guide on how to wear dress sandals have done some justice to your dress sense. Dressing up with sandals is all about finding a blend of comfort and style and tailoring it to match the occasion. For the beach, you can go with less expensive sandals while the office would require something classy. Leather sandals are perfect for office outfit. For sporting activities choose a sandal that combines durable materials with arch support.


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