Quality Nato-Strap Watches for Men


Wearing a Nato Strap Watch for Maximum Comfort

Nato strap watches dates back to the 70’s where they were popular with the British military. They have become a hit in modern times. How do you style a Nato strap watch? Pretty easy, just wear it like every other watch. While that will work in most cases let this guide be a pointer as to how to make the most use of your Nato strap watch.

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The Nato Strap

The Nato strap design is such that they are very comfortable, adjustable and can strap securely around your wrist. Recently, the straps have incorporated major modernistic designs like new materials, smoother finishes and a variety of styles.  Born from the military where they were very functional these straps have become modernized over the years.

nato strap watch

Nylon is the major material used for designing Nato straps, this is because of its elastic properties. They are very colorful and come in a lot of intricate design features. When it was popular in the 70’s the military men adorning Nato straps used them to complement the regiment they were in.

Top Nylon Straps

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Major Features of a NATO Strap watch

Identifying a true Nato strap can be quite difficult at first but there are major features that are peculiar to all Nato straps. Although there are a lot of straps out there with varying colors and designs the Nato strap can be identified from the lot just by looking for these simple features.

Nato Strap Features

The most notable feature of a Nato strap is the single-piece construction. This is where the major difference lies with other strap watches. Most straps come in two separate pieces applied only when both spring bars attached to the watch are removed, but with the Nato strap, the straps are simply woven beneath the spring bars. This simple woven makes it easy to apply to most watches.

Another major feature is the addition of a watchkeeper strap. This helps keep the watch in place even if one of the spring bars breaks. Nato traps should not be confused with Zulu straps, these are completely different straps entirely.

men wearing nato strap watch and suit Nato strap on button down shirt nato strap on suit

One nice functionality of the Nato strap is that you can customize them to suit your outfits. Various strap options and colors flood markets all around the world. If you have a favorite timepiece you can choose to customize the feel with different Nato straps.

men wearing nato strap watch

How to Wear a Nato Strap

Wearing a Nato strap is by no means challenging, as long as you can put on a regular watch and tie your shoelaces this should be a walk in the park. Do it once and know it forever. All you need to do is get the order of the buckles right and then adjust the strap till it seats perfectly on your wrists.  Because it runs in a single piece the ability to adjust it to preferences is one of its greatest assets.

If you are like me and just dislike removing interlocking chains from a watch opt for a Nato strap instead. Thin wrists or big wrists, the Nato can be adjusted to fit in properly without stress.

Top Readymade Nato Strap Watches

TIMEX Tag Heuer Stuhrling

The Leather Nato Strap Watch

Originally Nato strap where made from Nylon but a lot of modernization has since seen this strap recreated with other elegant and soft materials. One of such modernistic materials used these days is leather. Nylon can stand in for casual outfits while the leather Nato can pass in for formal outfits.

leather nato strap watch

For a stylish leather Nato strap, opt for a dark brown leather strap. This color can work well for a lot of faces. Give your watch the facelift it deserves by using an improved strap for it.

Nato Strap Styling Guide: What to Wear With a Nato Strap Watch

Watches are tailored to suit your outfits. If you are going to work with a classic G10 Nylon strap watch there are style options to help you match those elegant stripes of the watch. If you want to go formal with a modern leather Nato strap watch then you will find inspiration below for accentuating the sleek features of the soft leather.

foraml outfit with nato strap

If the face of your watch is tailored to fit, then you can show it off with a neat and smart outfit. Think a standard formal button-down shirt and blazer and a smart tie. Subtle colors will ease the bright style of the stripes on the Nato. Consider also a brown or navy blue jacket.

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For some people, a nylon strap might look to laid back for a sartorially savvy gent. If that is you, opt for the leather variant of the Nato strap. To work with formal outfits, go for a darker tone to bring out the intensity of the watch.

Nato straps for Casual Outfits

Nato straps work extremely well for casual outfits. They are the perfect day to day strap style options for casual attires primarily because the strap can be used to match the outfit just as the military used them to match their regimental wears. A simple Nylon strap will do wonders to most casual outfits, besides the extra security of the watchkeeper means you can use it with confidence for most casual errands.

Timex nato strap watches

No worries, running to catch a bus or a train, a day shopping at the supermarket, at the gym or even watching the main bowl event. The watch is securely fastened.

Fitted articles of clothing are best with Nato straps because most of the straps come in a slender form. Lastly, go for more versatile colors like navy, black, brown or better still get them all.

How to Wear and Style a Nato Strap Watch in a Nutshell

  • Nato straps are made from nylon but modernization have seen other alternative materials used
  • Nato straps are different from all others strap watches by their single woven straps underneath the watch springs. They also have a watchkeeper that fastens the watch in place.
  • Nato straps can be worn with both formal and casual outfits.
  • The straps are best with fitted clothes because of the slim design features of the strap.

007 spectre nato strap collection

In Conclusion

Here you have it, the Nato strap watch. You have probably seen it around the wrist of some people and were wondering what it was all about. Hope this guide has answered your question a little if not, that’s a shame. If you have any additions to this article or you own a Nato strap, would you mind sharing it with us?

If the classic traditional Nylon is not your type opt for the soft leather designs. Whatever way you choose to style the Nato strap watch, they remain a timeless accessory for most people.


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