Ways to Wear Different Types of Nike Shoes

how to wear nike sneakers

Ways to Wear Different Nike Shoes

Nike needs no introduction. They are a big brand name in the footwear industry, in whatever way you choose to see them, either as your go-to trainers or everyday exercise shoes. Time to brush things up, giving you a fresh new perspective on how to style your Nike shoes.

If you already got a Nike trainers, good, but if you don’t, then waste to time in purchasing one now. You won’t regret the decision. We will try to mix things up in this article with lots of pictorial examples and inspiration of how to properly wear different Nike trainers. Tag along, style class is in session!

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Proper Nike Shoe Outfit Combinations

Nike has made some nice trainers and shoes for every kind of weather and terrain, whether they are running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, skate shoes….. The list is endless. Prepare yourself as we guide you through how to wear these shoes the right way. Honestly, is there even a right way to wear Nike shoes?  Just follow our grid inspiration and you’d be cool.

Nike Air Force One

The Nike air force is a limited edition sneaker that remains timeless and sophisticated. It was born out of a collaboration with Acronym a tech-wear brand. The trainers are well suited for monochrome outfits and will pair nicely with a good black Dickies and a plain or patterned white tee.

Nike air force one
Wear With

URBANCREWS Dickies Striped Tee

The Huarache by Nike

The Huarache is a lot bolder than the Air force one shoes. The bright colored design won’t allow them to work with a monochrome outfit. The vintage appearance and colors would demand that you think really hard about the right clothes to pair them with. Pair with a tracksuit and a bright colored hoodie to match.

Huarache by Nike
Wear With

Sweatsedo Wolf Gang Unideazone


How to Wear Nike Air Max

The Air max remains one of the trendiest Nike sneakers ever made. They bring out a lot of style from casual outfits and can even be worn with some smart-casual combinations. Wear with a fitting Jeans and experiment pin-rolling the jeans to draw attention to the trainers. For the top half, a tee shirt and jacket will do just fine. You can add in a backpack of similar color to the air max to finish off the look.

Nike air max
Wear With

Ripped Jean Lacoste Legendary Whitetails

How to wear Nike Jordan’s

Nike Jordan’s are a pair worth having. If you are just looking to buy a Nike sneakers for the first time, the Jordan’s are a great entry level Nike sneakers. Again, pay attention to colors. The bright orange coloration on the Backboard Air Jordan would contrast perfectly with black joggers. For the upper half pair with a Champion sweatshirt a North face jacket or a 32 degrees jacket then accessorize with Carhartt cap.

Nike air jordan sneaker
Wear With

Chino Jogger North Face Champion Sweatshirt

Wearing the Nike Pegasus

The Nike Pegasus is a personal favorite of mine. If you are a fan of white trainers and can take good care of them you will love the Pegasus. They are good for the summer season and can pair effortlessly with shorts. Tune things up a bit at the upper half with a graphic T-shirt and simple Casio digital watch. With the Pegasus dressed up like this, you are good to go for most casual occasions during summer.

Nike Pegasus
Wear With

Dickies Casio G-Shock


Nike Janoski’s Wear Inspiration

Janoski’s by Nike is a skate shoe designed by skaters. However, they have long branched off from being just a skate shoe to a high street sneaker. Because it’s a known fact that skaters roll in baggy clothes, imitating their looks seems reasonable. Carhartt cargo pants definitely blend in nicely with the look we are trying to pull off. Simplify the look with a black zip-up hoodie and baseball cap.

Nike Janoski sneaker
Wear With

Carhartt Cargo MBL Cap Under Armour


How to wear the Nike Cortez

If you decide to buy the Nike Cortez, the white, red and blue options are really cool. The color combination might look old school but it’s still very relevant today. The Cortez is perfect for summer outfits. To match the blue and white detailing on the sneakers, pair with a patterned white and blue t-shirt and a Dickies work pants. This outfit combo will definitely draw some attention to your Cortez which was the original plan.

Nike Cortez
Wear With

Henley T-shirt Dickies Lee

Street style Inspiration from around the world wearing Nike shoes

Nike shoes are versatile and are some of the most comfortable shoes in the market today. The choices Nike presents you with leaves you with a lot of options to personalize your individuality. Sneakers can put a modern twist to any outfit or better still liven up a boring outfit. The best part is that they aren’t hard to pull off and style properly.

Pick up one of the pairs mentioned above and style them properly into an outfit today.

men wearing nike sneakers men wearing nike sneakers
men wearing nike sneakers men wearing nike sneakers
men wearing nike sneakers men wearing nike sneakers

A little History of Nike

Having started out in 1964 as blue Ribbon sports (BRS)by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman they successfully built a business selling Japanese shoes under the brand name Asics. In that year BRS sold over 1,300 pairs of Japanese running shoes grossing over $8,000 in revenue.

Nike shoe technology

In 1971 they were officially known as Nike after releasing a lightweight training shoe for track and field events. Notable timeline in the history of Nike includes the crafting of the waffle sole to help athletes on the track and the Nike air Technology which became America’s number one training shoe.

Over the years Nike has boosted his reputation by signing up reputable stars like Micheal Jordan and Tiger Woods. The company takes its name the Greek Goddess of victory. Lastly, the market their own product under its own brand, as well as, Air Jordan, Nike Dunk, Air Force 1, Nike Golf, Nike Pro and a host of others.

Lastly, they market their own product under their own brand, as well as, Air Jordan, Nike Dunk, Air Force 1, Nike Golf, Nike Pro and a host of others.

In Summary: How to Wear Nike Shoes

  • If drawing attention to your Nike shoes appeals to you. Cuff or pin-roll your pants to make the most of the shoes.
  • Strong colored Nike shoes can be matched with the color of your jacket or cap.
  • Color inspired Nike shoes like the basketball or skate shoes can be mixed up with smart pants and a vintage coat.
  • Some Nike shoes with fit in perfectly to a monochrome styled outfit.

In Conclusion

When it comes to quality footwear, Nike is at the zenith of the shoe industry. They constantly upgrade and improve on what they have, to offer more stylish and comfortable shoes for everyone. It’s no coincidence how they have become a household name all over the world. If you don’t own a Nike shoe, this is the best time to get one. Ensure you keep them clean to make the most out of your shoes in the long run.

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