Best Selling: Faux Leather Jackets

Leather jackets can complement a wide variety of outfits in stunning ways. They are almost always in trend for both women and men. The features and styling presented by most manufacturers take this beautiful piece of clothing to a whole new level. Real leather is still a popular choice but Faux leather is fast becoming a good alternative, probably because of the added advantage of durability and affordability.

boohoo Faux Leather Jacket

Getting to know the materials used for constructing a faux leather jacket or finding the right fitting jacket can help you make informed shopping decisions. After reviewing the faux leather jacket, we will proceed to list the top 10 bestselling faux leather jackets available in online stores now. Check here for more types of men’s jackets

Advantages of Buying Faux Leather Jacket

The first merit of purchasing a faux leather jacket is that it is reasonably cheaper than the real leather jacket. That doesn’t mean its way inferior, you still get good quality but at a fraction of the cost of a real leather jacket. So if you are on a tight budget, u might want to opt for a faux leather jacket.

Youhan Men's Casual Zip up Slim Bomber Faux Leather Jacket (Small, Army Green)

Secondly, faux leathers are way easier to maintain than real leather jackets. They were built specifically to resist staining and can last longer than leather jackets.

Lastly, the colors of a faux leather jacket tend to be more uniform than that of a real leather jacket. This means pairing the faux leather with other outfits will be relatively easy. Not only is the color more uniform, faux leather is more fade resistant than the real thing.

Materials for making faux leather Jackets

Unlike fleece jackets that are made from PET, faux leather is constructed from PU( Poly Urethane). Poly Urethane is a plastic-like material that is cheap to procure; this means more people can afford the look of a leather jacket for less. You will be mistaken to think that PU based faux leather would look really cheap and fake. Technology has made sure this is not the case, PU based jacket look almost like the real jacket and are a good option. You will be surprised to know that some PU based product is of a higher grade than the real leather product.

Mens leather jackets. Leather jackets certainly are a very important component to every single man's wardrobe. Men need jackets for several activities as well as some varying weather conditions

Why Faux Leather?

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One major reason is the style options they present. As a PU based product, the plastic can be fashioned easily to present final products that are appealing. Faux leather can also come in a very wide range of colors that real leather doesn’t have. Add that to the low price and what you get is a leather jacket that is cheaper and affords the shopper the option to purchase different colors to suit his various outfit combinations.

Light Faux leather can be worn over a summer outfit during summer while the heavier jackets can serve as layering clothing during winter.

Whether you wear the jackets un-top a motorcycle or just for a late night out, these jackets offer a versatile stylish option.

Different Types of Faux Leather Jackets

Motorcycle Faux Leather:  The asymmetric cut of a motorcycle faux jacket offer protection from the wind to the wearer.

Men's bike rider style warm leather Jacket - Priority Global

Faux Leather Blazers: These are streamlined to mimic real blazers for that professional look that can be worn to the office. The cut contours the body the same way traditional blazers would.

Mens Fashion Faux Leather Blazer Jacket Tailored Collar Two Button Jacket XL Dark brown

Faux Leather Vest: Without the details of a sleeve, faux leather vest offer a lightweight option that can be worn in summer days.

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Faux Leather Trenches: Longer than the others discussed, faux trenches offer style in length just like you regular trench coat would.

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