How to Wear and Style Types of Duffle Coat


Wearing and Styling a Duffle Coat for Warmth

At the time of the year when the weather starts to draw in and you need something special to keep you warm, a duffle coat can come in handy. This little guide has been written to help you style a duffle coat.

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Black Duffle coat duffle coat for men Dark brown duffle coat

The name duffle coat was gotten from the Belgium town of Duffel where the wooden material was first crafted. Most of the style features we see today on the duffle coat were once very functional to the British Navy. The hooded cap was designed to cover the naval cap while the very pronounced toggle system was once made to help soldiers easily unbutton their coats with gloves on.

There are so many coats out there to keep you warm, but picking the right one for you might prove tricky. Read on to get a good idea of how to stay trendy with a duffle coat.

The Duffle Coat Intro

The duffle coat quickly becomes a stable winter wear for most men when warmth is of the essence.  At a point in time, we have both owned or worn some of the style options this coat has to offer. They are ruggedly built to serve multiple purposes of keeping you warm as well as keeping you stylish

If you manage to pull of the duffle coat style well, be rest assured you will get compliments from both friends and family. Along the line, we will attempt to illustrate with related examples what works well with a duffle coat, how to wear and pull it off as well as the various types and popular colors of duffle coats available at online stores.

Duffle Coat – Fitting is key

The duffle coat can often look out of place and oversized, it is important then to get this aspect right the first time. If it doesn’t fit then you might not be able to style it properly. We are not talking about skin fitted duffle coat but those that allow for series of layering, just right not to appear out of place.

fitted Duffle Coat

In other to make the Duffle coat fit in properly, getting the right sizing details is not all you need to put into consideration. What do you intend to pair the coat with? What are your layering options?

If you are looking to wear the coat casually, ensure you purchase a coat close to your normal size details. For thick layering or with a three-piece suit then order a size up to help accommodate the bogus material beneath.

Look to the arms for extra fitting.  Savvy fashion enthusiasts always caution that the shoulder seam should naturally align with where your shoulder ends. This is a common issue with most guys who wear coats; they don’t seem to take into consideration the shoulder seam alignment. Don’t make this mistake.

The duffle coat should also allow for some movement with little to no constriction when the buttons are done up. Fitting is just the first step, now on to more style features. Although the duffle coat is quite versatile, what you pick will still depend on the social functions you intend to use it for.

Navy blue duffle coat hooded duffle coat

A duffle coat will look really good on most outfits. Here are the best color options to consider:

Types of Color Duffle Coat

Navy Duffle Coat

Very few colors can compete with the versatility of a navy colored duffle coat, nothing beats it especially if you pick those of a darker shades. They will fit into most of your outfit collections. In terms of playing things safe in other to avoid the fashion police, Navy is the nicest alternative to black.

Navy color duffle coat

With a casual outfit, think paring with denim jeans like wrangler decked on top a pair of a desert or chukka boots and you are good to go. This combination can serve a wide range of casual occasions although winter.

Style Tip: A bad outfit can be made to look good just by layering with the appropriate Duffle coat. They work so well with most combinations that it’s unthinkable to not have at least one in your closet.

Brown Duffle Coat

A lighter shade of brown that works well for the winter season is the camel duffle coat. Creating an awesome look can be quite easy with the camel coat. Accessorizing properly can be the key to a great camel duffle coat combination. Consider adding extra clothing amplifiers to accentuate your look.

hooded brown duffle coat

Like the Navy option above, the camel coat can be combined with jeans and regular t-shirts or turtleneck sweatshirts for extra warmth.

Black Duffle Coat

Playing things safe with black? Black is the most widely preferred color when it comes to clothes so it’s no wonder why most people would rather have a black duffle before considering other style colors. If you are on your first duffle, then, by all means, purchase a black duffle but if you already have one, experiment with more daring colors.

Wool Duffle Coat for Maximum Warmth

The design of a wool duffle is timeless and extremely fashionable.  The major reason why people go for wool has to be its insulating properties. You will get more warmth out of this than any other duffle coat material especially if it’s of 100% wool.

wool duffle coat

The mid-length design helps to prevent air from creeping in underneath. One feature to look out for is waterproof ability; this should ensure you get some protection when the rains pour down throughout winter.

More style options with the Hooded Duffle Coat

For an extra swag, some duffle coats come with a hooded top. This is a very nice feature that can be very helpful in fighting the cold. The Hood can be very stylish as well and protective, it just depends on the design. Buying a duffle without a Hood would mean you will have to keep an umbrella handy but it would also mean you can accessorize with a hat or our top 10 scarves for various style options.

Buying a Duffle Coat

Before going out to purchase a duffle coat you might be tempted to think because it looks good on someone you saw down the street on a Tv show it might look good on you. That is a very wrong approach. That it looks good on someone is no guarantee that it will look good on you. Size differences and body can make all the difference here.

If looking at style icons on TV is how you get inspiration to dress be sure that who you model after has almost or close to the same height and body features as you.

How to Wear a Duffle Coat Rightly

  • As regards to styling, fitting is king. You must make sure that it fits your body type properly bearing in mind the layering combinations you indeed to pair the coat with. Having the coat too long or too short at the arms is a big no-no. Get the fitting right and you will be pleased.
  • The Navy colored duffle coat is the most classic of all the colors. They are the nicest alternative to black and will match almost any dress combination in your wardrobe.
  • The most popular combinations of a duffle coat are with light layering during mild cold weather. Pair with denim, chinos or jeans with a button down t-shirt. Combine with a pullover sweatshirt for extra layering and warmth.
  • You can get a lot of wear out of the black duffle just as you can with the Navy duffle coat. The camel coat is increasingly becoming very popular among men because of the contrasting benefit it brings to other layering outfits.

In Conclusion 

Nowadays the features of the duffle coat are more of a fashion piece rather than for practical purpose, as it was with the British Sailors. Whichever purpose you choose to get a duffle coat (fashion or practical) it remains one of the staple clothing for men.


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