A Light Guide on Major Types of chinos

Also referred to as military Khakis, chinos are a form of pants made from very study materials like stiff cotton. Irrespective of what you were made to believe at the retail outlets there are types of chinos that are to be worn for different occasions. It’s a not a one style fits all approach these days and the sooner you break away from that mentality the lesser job fashion Police will have . Some chinos are made for Casual wears, workwears while others are strictly for formal wear. Knowing the difference could save you money and make you spend wisely.

There are conflicting ideas of the wearing suitability at online retail stores making your choice more difficult. Its goes beyond just choosing a color you like or the right size. The stitching and stream lining are remarkably different too. Before we drive in, lets get some basic facts

  1. Chinos are slacks with a streamline tapered legs. They are made from a wide variety of materials and can be heavy or light.
  2. Chinos are very easy to maintain and are not too pron to wrinkling.The major materials used are a blend of cotton, cotton twill and polyester blends.
  3. The length varies. There are full length chinos as well as calf length chinos.
  4. Low waist chinos and upper fit chinos.They are the most popular alternative to jeans.

You can’t just wear your chinos with a formal shirt unless it was designed for formal wear. Period!!

Types of Chinos for the Right Occasion

Most Chinos are Made for Casual wears

These types of chinos are found in almost all brick and mortar stores across the globe. How do you spot it? They have visible on both the inner and outer leg seams and because its on popular demand they are usually sold at a budget price. The styling length sits lower on the hips or at the calf or knee region. The general appearance is that of a warm relaxed look that with suit properly with your regular faded polo shirt or other casual pieces.

Pair them this summer with regular polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, sweaters and hoodies and you are good to go. Leave out the blazers of this world, the suit jackets, formal shoes and anything that can properly be worn with ties and we won’t have a problem.

Top Rated Casual Wear Chinos

Levi's Straight Chino Twill PantLevi's Straight Chino Twill Pant
Tapered Stretchy Casual PantTapered Stretchy Casual Pant
Levi 511 Slim-Fit Hybrid PantLevi 511 Slim-Fit Hybrid Pant
Dockers Alpha Khaki PantDockers Alpha Khaki Pant
Haggar Life Khaki Slim-Fit Chino Haggar Life Khaki Slim-Fit Chino
Lee Men's Super Soft Slim-Fit Chino PantLee Super Slim-Fit Chino Pant

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The more ruggedly built Chinos – Workwear Style

The major different between the workwear chinos and the casual chinos is in the material and cuts. These types were designed to withstand hasher treatments from the elements. Merely feeling a workwear chinos will reveal the toughness of the fabric used. Think Denim Chinos, Levi’s or Dockers and you are not far from the truth.

Pair them up with denim shirts, jackets, rugged outerwear and heavy duty Chelsea boots. This combination are superbly suited for casual events and outing. The lumberjack combination is more suited to these workwear Chinos than the previous style discussed above. You simpliy cannot pair a workwear chinos with formal attires, it’s a complete mismatch.

Top Rated Workwear Chinos

Dickies Men's Slim Dickies Men's Slim
Edwards GarmentEdwards Garment
Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Carhartt Men's Big & Tall
Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Carhartt Men's Big & Tall
Polo Ralph LaurenPolo Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph LaurenPolo Ralph Lauren

Finally, a Chinos Style made for Formal Attires

These Chinos are seldomy called smart chinos because they look smart they are often mistaken as regular pants. Contrast with the stitching of casual chinos, their stitching are hidden this helps in bringing out an overall sharper fit that is unique to it.

As regards to the length style, it’s a high rise chinos that is designed to be worn properly and not a low waist casual style. You are therefore expected to chuck in the dress shirt properly with it. If you are in the market for a dress Chinos better go after the higher end designs as luxurious materials provides better finishing and better quality.

Top rated Formal Chinos

IZOD Chino Flat-Front Straight-FitIZOD Chino Flat-Front Straight-Fit
Savane Big & Tall Flat Front Chino Savane Big & Tall Flat Front Chino
Dockers Signature Khaki Slim-Fit Dockers Signature Khaki Slim-Fit
Classic Straight Work Wear Pants Classic Straight Work Wear Pants
Tommy Hilfiger Custom Fit ChinoTommy Hilfiger Custom Fit Chino
Flat-front Chino PantFlat-front Chino Pant

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Style Nugget : You are safer wearing a Smart chinos with a casual shirt than casual chinos with a dress shirt.

The smart chinos are a true versatile pair to own. Crew neck shirts, button down shirts, long sleeves and short sleeve polo shirts, blazers, ties and formal shoes, you just name it, they will blend well with the smart  chinos. Just don’t go to extreme with casual attires with this style.

How to Wear Chinos (LookBook)

Chinos lookbook 1
Chinos lookbook 4
Chinos lookbook 7
Chinos lookbook 2
Chinos lookbook 5
Chinos lookbook 8
Chinos lookbook 3
Chinos lookbook 6
Chinos lookbook 9

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