Top Rated, Insulated down and Alternative Jackets for men.


The Very Best: Top Rated, Insulated down and Alternative Jackets for men

As chilly winter draws near, it’s a wise idea to stock up on winter gear. Among the lot of winter gear investment is a good down jacket. Whether you go for down or synthetic alternative, the fill power and the ability of the jacket to keep you warm are a top priority.

The insulating properties a down jacket offers cannot be overemphasized. They are the best clothing available for insulation against cold and bad weather. This insulating property is brought about the down’s ability to trap hot air in confined spaces within the jacket offering maximum warmth to the wearer. Down jackets are jackets that have their inner construction made up of the feathers from a goose or duck. Goose down jackets, are the warmest, lightest and most expensive. It is common place to also find a high quality down jacket made from the feathers of older birds.

The perfect men’s apparel for mountaineering, backpacking and skiing, down is warm enough that ducks can swim in freezing water and light enough that ducks can fly. However, down jacket seem to lose their insulation when wet and might not be too suitable for wear under heavy rain. Opt for synthetic insulation during stormy weather.

Down Jackets for men

The Fill Power of a Down Jacket

The fill power of a down jacket is a rating system in place that measures the level of insulation offered by very down jacket. It measures the loft or “fluffiness” of the jacket. The more the fill power the more the air pockets, and the more air pockets the better the insulation of the jacket.

The two major ways of constructing down jackets are:

Sewn Through Construction

This is a type of construction that stitches the outer material of the jacket with the inner lining. This segmented construction helps stop the feathers from clumping together. However, there is an increased possibility of forming cold stops on the jacket.

Box Baffle Construction

The baffle construction reduces the amount of cold spots on the jacket by making sure each separate baffle has its own down. This usually requires more materials and are quite complex to make. Baffle constructed down jackets are warmer, thicker and more expensive than sewn through jackets.

Armed with this information, here is our top insulated down and Alternative Jackets for men.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket

This down jacket by Tommy Hilfiger is made from 100% Nylon and the detailing on the jacket indicates it’s a 650 grade down. It manages to stay very lightweight without compromising on the quality of keeping you warm. For the average price of $85 what you have is a premium quality down jacket that will stand the test of time. Trust the brand Tommy Hilfiger, they will deliver as advertised.  For chilly conditions of about 10 degrees F this down jacket should perform optimally and because it’s lightweight, it can still be comfy at 55-66 degree F without overly hot. Don’t allow the issue of the down deflating a little or filling your clothing with down scare you. These are minor issues that do not hamper the performance of the down.

The North Face Nuptse Jacket – Men’s

North face jackets need no introduction. They are a brand that is synonymous with quality. The north face Nuptse jacket is a jacket made from the highest quality material available for down jackets. It is light years ahead of the competition, a real warmer during chilly conditions. It features a cute zipper closure, a 700 fill goose feather down insulation with nylon plain weave fabric. The shoulders are fitted with double-layer taffeta  for extra comfort. It’s no wonder why it cost an average of $300(depending on size). If you really want a quality down fill jacket, try spend a little more on North face jacket, you will be glad you did. (Highly recommended)

Patagonia Nano Puff Coat

My next recommended jacket is from Patagonia. The Patagonia Nano puff jacket is as good as down fill jacket comes. They don’t get better than this. This is one jacket I can recommend for rainy days. It is made from rubber, highly compressible, water-repellent and durable. Easy to carry as the jacket can stuff within its own inner pockets. It can keep you warm while staying extremely lightweight.

Arcteryx Thorium AR Jacket – Men’s

Arcteryx jackets are at the apex of insulated down jacket. They are quite pricey but is money well spent. The thorium AR jacket is made from durable Arato face fabric and a moisture repelling DWR finish. Strategically, synthetic insulation is utilized in areas prone to moisture while down is majorly utilized in areas where warmth is needed. Full front zip, raised collar, wind flap, chin guards and coreloft insulation all combine to present this down jacket as the real deal when it comes to insulation and class.

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket

Lightweight down jackets are highly sort after because of the comfort and warmth they offer. When it comes to high quality lightweight down jackets the Mountain hardwear ghost whisperer is at the zenith. 6 ounce on average is really, really light. This jacket compresses into its own pockets for easy storage. Its an 800-down fill jacket that is sure to retain warmth and seals out moisture. It’s no wonder why it is a little pricey at $320. This is a great down jacket for layering and its quit patterned construction and down channeling tarps more heat for extra warmth.  The cuffs are nicely finished with elastic binding that seals out cold and eliminate moisture.

Columbia Men’s Frost-Fighter Puffer Jacket

The Columbia men’s frost-fighter puffer jacket is a faux-down insulated jacket that has been designed to keep you warm while staying stylish. This machine wash jacket is a zip-front quilted jacket made from water resistant fabric(polyester and nylon). It’s not just good for cold weather it can serve the purpose of warmth during freezing conditions. At 25 degree Fahrenheit this jacket still performs, so it is my recommended jacket for extreme cold weather condition. The jacket is neatly designed, eye-catching and very light.  Compared to other jacket in its class, the price of the Columbia Frost-fighter  puffer  is unbeatable.

Calvin Klein Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Calvin Klein slim fitted packable down jacket. A great looking jacket the price. I will call this down jacket a budget down jacket. The quality is not so good in my opinion, but it still serves the purpose of keeping you warm. You should return and request a refund if you do find out that the threading quality is low or that the down feathers fall off regularly. It’s still a great looking jacket to own for an average price of $50.

32Degrees Weatherproof Men’s Packable Down Puffer Jacket

This jacket by 32degrees is a lightweight down puffer jacket. I would strongly recommend you buy this jacket for the warmth it possesses. It might skimp on a few features when compared to higher brands but when it comes to keeping you warm it does a good job. North face and Arcteryx are high end brands and I would recommend you buy them if you have the cash but when it comes to low cost puffer jackets with high performance I would recommend you give this jacket by 32dregrees a try. It’s the perfect jacket for backpacking because of the lightweight nature. Just make sure you order the right one.

Dickies Men’s Water Resistant Diamond Quilted Nylon Jacket

You could almost pass this down fill jacket for a bomber jacket but it is not a bomber jacket. It’s a diamond quilted Nylon jacket. Machine washable made from 100% polyester. It is water resistant and has nicely crafted warmer pockets. The exterior is made from nylon shell and the inner lining are made from fleece. It should perform well at mild temperatures. For extreme cold look to heavier alternatives like the north face. The Dickies jacket run large so you might want to order a step down and for the rock bottom price of approximately $30 you shouldn’t  be complaining about the quality.

XPOSURZONE Men Packable Down Quilted Puffer Jacket Lightweight Puffer Coat

The ultralight jacket from XPOSURZONE are some of the finest out there. They are amazing thin and light yet very comfortable and warm. They are crafted using the best quality and highest performing  materials. While remaining silky smooth, the shells are made of nylon making them water resistant. The cuffs and hems are elastic and helps to keep drafts out. The patterned quilted stitching adds a layer of sophistication second to none. Finally this puffer coat is easily compressible and can be attached nicely to a porch for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, driving golf etc.



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