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Top Men’s Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are quite a popular fashion piece, they have such a simple design yet can make the most basic outfit look spectacular. Finding the perfect one, however, can be a task, that is why it’s important to know which brands actually offer the best quality and design.street style men fedora hat

What got fedoras so popular would probably be the fact that they are constantly worn by A-list celebrities as well as showcased on high-class fashion shows and events. Celebs like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, and so much more are just a couple starlets who have vocally praised how stylish fedoras are to wear.

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Here are the Top Men’s Fedora Hats

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a high-quality brand that creates some really cool fedora hats. One of their most popular fedoras would have to be their Griffin Wool fedora, which is made with genuine wool and nothing else to ensure a smooth texture and fit no matter what. This hat only comes in the color grey, but it definitely is more vibrant than its color. This fedora is sold at approx $62.

 Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters offers various wonderful fashionable items, but their fedoras would definitely be at the top of the list of their most stylish products. One of their best fedora hats would probably be the Goorin Bros hat in green, as it has such a masculine design that works well with various outfits. This fedora is sold at approx $65, but it definitely is worth the investment considering its superior quality.


If you’re on a budget, and you still want a quality fedora to consider getting the Pacsun Rhythm Pocket Black fedora. This specific hat was made with 100% wool felt and so the texture is just as soft as any name brand, plus its simple design allows you to wear it at all sorts of events. This fedora is sold at just $34.95, yet still qualifies as a high-quality hat.

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What To Look For In A Fedora Hat

The most important thing to look for in fedoras is the material being used to make them. Wool would probably be the most popular material to make fedoras mainly because it has such a soft texture.

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The design is another thing you look out for in your fedora because though they all have a similar style, nothing can ever really beat a simple yet unique design. Consider reading reviews before purchasing an expensive fedora, because you want to make sure you’re investing your money in a product that is actually worth having. In addition to reading reviews, also consider trying out the fedora if you can to test if it fits you perfectly and whether or not it compliments your facial features. All hats are sized differently, and so make sure that what you choose fits your head and face shape just right.

What To Wear With Fedora Hats

The great thing about fedoras is the obvious fact that they work well with pretty much all sorts of outfits. However, a couple great solid outfits you can wear with them as a woman include a sundress, crop top with a basic tee, trench coat, and even turtleneck. As for guys, fedoras work really well with suits, basic tee with jeans, button-downed tops and even v necks. Almost everything works well with fedoras just so long as you don’t wear anything that can overpower the fedora.

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The goal is to make the hat be the standout fashion item of the outfit, and so if you want to wear something very flamboyant, then the hat may cause the outfit to look too over the top. Less is more when it comes to wearing fedoras, as they already have such a stand out style. layering with a fedora hat

On that Note

Overall, fedoras are the perfect fashion statement to wear for all sorts of occasions. No matter what style you have you will be able to rock the fedora hat just so long as you wear the right one for the outfit you decide to wear. Investing in a quality fedora should definitely be in your wish list the next time you go shopping, as there are so many wonderful qualities this fashion piece offers.

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