Cold weather, winter draws near. Time to look fashionable, even in cold season. Fashion hats shouldn’t be left out of the picture, never to be underestimated. They do have a way of bringing out that exquisite looking man in you. Lets look into how these hats can keep you warm, sophisticated and fashionable.  Winter Hats For Men.

First Place: The Carhartt Fitted Beanie Hat

Comfortable, easy to wear, a timeless fashion that is sometimes referred to as a one-size-fits all kind of hat. The carhartt is a brand of beanie hat that is small, round and close-fitted. Its suitability and versatility to a wide range of fashionable clothes and jackets gives this hat top place on my list of winter Hats For Men.

This beanie hat is popular for its ease of use. Store it in your office or carry one in your briefcase, you can’t go wrong in a beanie hat.

Having a bad hair day? Wear a beanie hat.
Going on chinos with a regular Columbia jacket? Wear a beanie hat.
Square jaw, long jaw, bold face, round face, you name it. Just put on a beanie hat, it’s that versatile.

Looking to make a fashion statement? Try out the more fashionable beanie colors like canyon brown, breen or even blue store hats. Keep the emphasis on your hat and look for suitable/complimentary clothes to match.

The Russian Trooper Winter Hats For Men

Russian trooper, city hunter, trooper bomber, whatever you call this style, they are made specifically for extreme cold. They mainly come designed with ear flaps. Not particularly versatile as the beanie hat but quite fashionable and still does its job of keeping your head warm.

Designing these hats to shield the skull from cold requires them to be made of materials with remarkable resistance to cold. The major materials used are 100% nylon and full fur.

Wearing Suitability: Online search query will reveal a variety of styles . Mostly suitable for individuals with wide faces and big head sizes. Wear it with an over coat on a suit for that Russian KGB trooper style. Fold the ear flaps and you are set with matching it with a sweat shirt. Good etiquette though, requires you take it off indoors.

Store front of men’s hats

The Gentleman’s Winter Fedora Hat

There is always a style of hat for all ages and men’s wear. The winter Fedora hat was designed with one purpose in mind, “The formal dress”. For the winter season your regular Acrylic made fedora hat won’t do a good job of keeping your head warm, although it’s a fashionable fabric. Instead lookout for fedora hats made of wool. Sometimes a good blend of wool and acrylic might do a good job of keeping your head warm and staying fashionable.

Fedora Hats have been known to give an illusion of length, thus it appeals in no small way to short faced individuals. Popular Fedora hats from established brand names like Stacy Adams, Goorin and Borsalino would do.

Sporting Winter Hat: Baseball Regular Snapback

In terms of versatility to different combination of dress wears, only the baseball regular snapback can be compared to the beanie hat. Popular among underground rappers and the preferred hat for casual dresses the regular snapback has an adjustable snap at the back used to adjust its size. There are literally thousands of snapbacks available in the market.

Snapbacks made of haux, wool or furs are the ideal materials for the winter season. They will keep your head warm but not as effective as the beanie or Russian trooper hats.

Hooligan Style Hat Aka “Flat Cap”

The mafia style hat is still in fashion. It’s your regular traditional flat cap with traceable origins from England and Italy. For the winter season a wool blend is best as an insulator against the cold. Trendable fashion styles now come with an Ear flap that is easily folded when not in use. The “bonnet” as it is popularly called among British men is as versatile as the regular snapback or beanie hat. If you are a true contemporary gent, traditional flat hats should be a part of your occasional dress arsenal.

So here you have it. My personal top 5 fashionable winter hats for men. Is there a style you wished made my list, drop a comment below.


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