Top Best Dark Blue Jeans for Men


Dark Blue Jeans for Men

Dark blue jeans are worth the investment because of their ability pair effortlessly with most outfits. Essential for every guy, this guide will show you the best dark blue jeans available and how to style them.


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Dark Blue Selvedge Denim Jeans

Selvedge denim is a type of denim jeans that has gone through some of best technological weaving technique to help resist fraying and curling.

With selvedge denim what you get is a thin band on the inner seam rather than that of a zig-zag stitching that you are used to with other jeans.

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Dark Blue Raw Jeans

Raw denim is a form of denim that hasn’t gone through the regular pre-wash process of most jeans. They are also known as dry denim and can take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to properly break in. Take care when wearing a raw denim so the dye doesn’t rub off on other clothing.

Choosing a Dark Denim Jeans for your Body Shape

In other to choose proper dark denim jeans knowing what works for your body shape is absolutely important. Your build, height, and size are critical aspects you have to consider when choosing dark blue denim jeans.

Take a look at the pic below for the different fitting jeans available for most body shapes. If you are averagely built, try out different jean cuts to identify what works best for you. Slim jeans are a great take-off point; they work with most outfit combination and with most body types. Straight jeans, on the other hand, will look best on stockier guys.

 types of jeans for body shape
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How to Style Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue Skinny Jeans Combination

Skinny jeans are a close fit with your skin. They easily blend with most fitted outfits. They are still some of the most stylish jeans around. A good looking dark blue skinny jeans will pair in nicely with more contemporary looking dress attire.

 long jacket with dark blue jeans denim

Use a chukka or a slim looking black Chelsea boot with a loose fitted shirt to slip into that summer vibe. Contrasting lighter tones are the way to go with dark blue skinny jeans.

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Dark Blue Fitted Jeans Combination

Slim fit jeans are a step higher than skinny jeans in terms of fitting. They are more versatile than skinny and very popular. They are the perfect choice between skinny and straight and will pair nicely with a lot of body shapes.

slim cut dark blue jeans

Wear the fitted dark blue jeans with a white button down t-shirt and black shoes to match. This is a great everyday style for summer and relaxed seasonal mode dress. If it those get cold, layer with a thick jacket.

 dark blue jeans for men with blazers

Dark Blue Straight Jeans Combination

Straight cut jeans might not be as popular as slim cut jeans but they are still nice looking. Looser jeans have become more popular with street wear products. Rather than looking to skinner options, baggie or straight cut jeans comes in trendy with street hip hop.

Use a rusty knitwear jumper with an oxford shirt and straight cut dark blue jeans for that heritage look. Follow up with a pair of heavy-duty boots and you are all set. For a more relaxed urban wear, pair up with a loose fitting sweatshirt and trainers.

How to roll or cuff your jeans rightly

Rolling your jeans can help accentuate your footwear. It’s a stylish way to add some details to your overall outfit especially if you are wearing selvedge denim. See video below on how it’s done.

pinroll dar blue jeans

How to Wear Dark Blue Denim Jeans

  • Measurements are key elements you must consider. Make sure they suit you properly.
  • Pick a cut that’s suited to your body type.
  • Dark blue Skinny jeans will work well with slimly fitted outfits. They are skin-hugging jeans
  • Dark blue slim jeans are the most popular, versatile and will look good on most body shapes.
  • Straight cut jeans are more inclined to streetwear
  • Invest in selvage jeans and you are sure of top-notch quality.
  • Heavier denim jeans are harder to break in. Pay attention to weight.

dark blue jeans with blazers

In conclusion

There you have it, our 2 cents take on dark blue denim jeans. They will work nicely with most casual clothes. Use the slim variant for a smart casual look. When the weather gets colder pair up with a leather jacket keep things warm. Selvage jeans are a winner any day any time.


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