Top 7 Cool Watches from Larsson, Casio and Timex

7 best watches from timex lasson and casio

Intro: Top 7 Cool Watches from Larsson, Casio, and Timex

Watches have long gone past the era of just the functionality of merely telling time to a powerful and very important accessory for both men and women. If they were only meant to tell time we’d all be better off using our phones and pads.  There are lots of watches in stores all over the world and it can take you ages to pick the right one, however, I have put together  7 top watches from Larsson, Casio and Timex to get you started.

top quality watch and dress combination

This is by no means an exhaustive list, am just trying to get you in the mood. You will find far better watches than these or you might prefer a different brand than what is stated in this article. The choice is yours to make.

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Watches are a long-term investment so they are well worth the research.  Larsson, Casio, and Timex are some of the best-branded watches out there. They have survived the test of time and present a quality that is at the zenith of the watch industry. Choosing a good watch will depend on your style, taste and personal preferences for a particular brand.

They range from classic to simple styles, bright designs and subtle designs, chronograph and lots of functionality. Leather strap or steel chain watches, whatever the case might be, find one that is functional as well as stylish.

Classic Men’s Watches from Larsson & Jennings

Larsson and Jennings are a modern branded watch company. Their success hangs on the innovative designs, quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship they put into each timepiece. They have some really versatile watches that can appeal to those who prefer a traditional style or minimalistic designs. The design of watches made by Larsson and Jennings are stylish and can be pair with most outfits.

Lugano 42mm Chronograph Stainless Steel and Brown Leather Dress Watch

If you love the look and feel of a leather strap watch then the Lugano 42mm Gold and brown leather strap watch will appeal to your sensibilities. This watch is new and from their most recent collections and is perfect for day to day outings. The soft leather ensures that the watch sits comfortably on your wrist while the gold face provides a delicate finish.

Pair with a shirt, jean or a three-piece suit

Buffalo Plaid Tux HB

Matte Black on Black Lugano Stainless Steel Strap Watch

If you are a fan of the simplicity offered by a monochrome watch, then check out the matte black on black watch by Larsson and Jennings. This is a very nice traditional watch that has been created with modernistic designs. If you want a monochrome watch, this has to be the best you can get your hands on from Larsson. It’s quite unique and different from your everyday watch but will blend in seamlessly with a dark shaded or navy outfit.

In Silver comes the Jacques Lemans Nostalgie Chronograph Watch

White on silver color combination and a white dial in a watch are some of the most popular combo colors for watches out there. The Nostalgie chronograph is effortlessly sleek and beautiful. The colors are a perfect match for formal outfits. The stainless steel design is slim and will work well with a black suit keeping your overall outfit looking classic and sleek.

Pair With


Jacques Lemans Gents Watch Format 

The Jacques Lemans Gents watch is perfect for formal occasions, weddings, and dinners. The design was meant to accentuate most formal outfits. Pair with navy or black clothing and the gold bezel and tonal faces will stand out keeping you smart and trendy. If you would rather keep the appearance of the watch subtle, try pairing with a grey suit. Remember that these watches need the utmost care if you are going to get the best out of them.

Pair With Navy or Black Clothing

NEARKIN MOGU Tapered Pants

2 Top Casio Watches worth Every Penny

Casio is a household name; they have been in the electronic business for ages. They are renowned for making some of the best calculators in history. They have a selection of watches in various designs, features, and styles.

Casio Gold watch

Casio uses their expertise to make some of the technologically advanced watches known to man. They are the best in terms of quality that you will ever need. Some of their digital watches have stood the test of time over and over again.

Casio Men’s Silver Tone 25 Memory Calculator Databank

Digital watches are one of Casio’s specialty and they have dived into the digital watch market with innovation and sophistication that is second to none. The digital silver tone watch is as good as digital watches can get. The watch is functional as well as stylish. Water-resistant to about 99 feet this watch won’t break the bank at approximately $50.

Shop the Look

Pishon Blazer Nearkin Casio


Innovatively, Casio has incorporated 8-digit calculator, dual time zone, alarm and snooze features just to turn up the par on this timepiece.

Casio’s MTP-118PQ Gold Watch with Brown Leather Strap

Although they are famous for digital timepieces Casio hasn’t failed with the MTP gold tone watch with brown leather strap. How they manage to pull it off at a fraction of the price of other companies is a misery. Without compromising on quality, for less than $65.00 this watch is yours for keeps.  The MTP series is both functional and fashionable and offers a splash and scratch resistant mineral glass face.

Shop Popular Casio Brown Leather Watches 

Pro Trek Quartz Silver Casio Edifice

Timex Budget Chronograph Watch

Timex is a good brand in the watch industry. Some of their designs can take you back to your childhood days. The color options and designs available from Timex are much. If you’d prefer bold and bright colored watches, Timex will be your go-to brand for that style. Offering lots of carefree colors, patterns, straps, and lot more.

timex watches for men

Timex 80 T2N267 Watch in Purple and Pink

Purple and pink are carefree colors rarely seen with men, but if you want to stand out of the crowd then give it a try. A pink Timex watch will add a lot of fun to your outfit. This isn’t something you should wear to the office or for formal events but they can really brighten things up over the weekend. It’s a nice chronograph watch with stopwatch features to spice things up a little.

Top 7 Watches for Men in Nutshell

  1. Lugano 40mm Gold and Brown leather strap watch: Elegantly designed and stylish, great for formal outfits
  2. Matte Black on Black Lugano Leather Strap Watch: For monochrome watch fans.
  3. Jacques Lemans Nostalgie Chronograph Watch: Streamlined and sleek design.
  4. Jacques Lemans Gents Watch Format: Silver tone, white face, white dial. Perfect color combo
  5. Casio’s Digital DBC-611E-1EF Silver Watch: Best digital Casio watch
  6. Casio’s MTP-118PQ Gold Watch with Brown Leather Strap: Best non-digital Casio watch
  7. Timex 80 T2N267 Watch in Purple and Pink: Bold and powerful. Casual weekend watch

In Conclusion

There are no two persons in this world with the same fingerprint. We all have our own unique tastes, styles, and preferences, and that’s the beauty of human existence. It’s on this premise that this article was written, trying best to cater for a wide range of personalities. This is by no means the best watches out there but they are a great starter on what to look out for if paring with your outfit is something you take into consideration.



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