Top 7 Men’s Flat Caps


Flat caps – A Perfect Fashion Accessory

For a long time, flat caps were associated with farmers and agriculture. However, the evolution of fashion has seen it earn a spot in showbiz (pretty much like the Fedora). Musicians like Common and actors like Jason Statham are among the many celebrities who have shown confidence in their flat caps.

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It is no wonder that the cap has made appearances on the Dolce & Gabbana’s AW15 runway. That is not to say that your taste must match D&C’s designs because you can pull one off easily from a selection from the many manufacturers of the flat cap. Check out below some of the top men’s flat caps that are affordable yet stylish.

  1. Newsboy Peaky Blinders’ Style, Brown Humbug Flat Cap

This humble flat cap is a classic that was designed by Newsboy in the Edwardian era. Made with a mixture of acrylic and wool, you can get yours in any of the three sizes: medium, large and extra-large. This clothing accessory earns a spot in this list of top men’s flat caps owing to its ability to give you a Peaky Blinders look with little or no effort at all. Furthermore, the material and finish offer it excellent quality for any outdoor activities (like fishing or shooting) as it keeps the sun out perfectly.

Newsboy Peaky Blinders' Style, Brown Humbug Flat Cap

  1. ililily Structured Flat Bill Cotton Baseball Cap (ballcap-401)

Don’t mistake this for a young man’s flat cap because Bill Clinton rocks it, and it is so great on him. That is not to say that young men shouldn’t wear it either. It is designed to suit the new era man of any age. With an adjustable strap snapback, you can be rest assured that it will fit in regardless of your head’s size. Quality is reinforced by 100%cotton, superb stitching, and a variety of colors that include gold, white, and yellow (6 colors in total). This Gangnam style cap is great for you whether you are going for golfing, complementing your casual wear or simply pulling a modern urban look.

ililily Structured Flat Bill Cotton Baseball Cap

  1. Kangol’s Ventair 504 Flat Cap

The 504 Ventair Cap is undoubtedly among the honorable classics and cannot miss out on this list of top men’s flat caps. Introduced in the early 80s, this flat cap is designed and manufactured under the iconic Kangol brand. It features a blend of polyester and acrylic (known as Tropic yarn) and an unlined inner material. If you have an eye for detail, you will definitely love the ventair pattern that is around the outer edges of the cap. Colors range from black, white, scarlet red and navy blue among many others.

Kangol Tropic 504 Ventair

  1. The Traditional Tweed Flat Cap

Not impressed with the latest fashion in men’s flat caps? Try the retro Tweed Flat Cap from the 30s. Made of 40% wool and 60% polyester, the cap will definitely give you a look that is far from modern times yet reflective of the modern casual wear. It is a perfect accessory for a gentleman, and it also features a quilted lining. You don’t need to worry about whether it will fit because it is manufactured in four sizes. Its peak is also adjustable and you can fine tune it to a desirable height above your head.

Traditional Tweed Flat Cap

  1. Sterkowski Men’s Summer Flat Cap

Looking for a perfect summer accessory? Seems you just found yourself one. This lightweight and breathable summer flat cap feature a 6-panel crown and no lining (which would otherwise add more weight and limit breathability). It is made in Poland with 100% cotton and designed in the traditional cap pattern to offer the best of the traditional and the modern worlds. Regarding comfort and practicality during the summer heat, very few flat caps can match this Sterkowski.

Sterkowski Men's Summer Flat Cap

Also Worth Mentioning

  1. Stetson Men’s Flat Cap

With this flat cap, you get an option for black or double black, and sizes range from small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. It has been described as a Brooklin Canvas Flatcap.

Stetson Men's Flat Cap

  1. IMTD Retro Linen Flat Cap

This is yet another retro that was popular among farmers and fishers. The cap is an IMTD exclusive brand and comes in either beige or navy. It is perfect for outdoor activities, and you will see it among golfers during the summer.

IMTD Retro Linen Flat Cap


Obviously, there is something for everyone. Regardless of the weather, one or more of these top men’s flat caps will suit your particular needs while still complementing your attire in a perfect fashion.

David Beckham wearing Red Wing Heritage Moc 6 Boots and Stetson Newsboy Cloth Hat