Top 10 Waistcoats or Vests for men, types, material, features and functions


Introduction to the Men’s Waistcoat

The men’s waistcoat is one piece of clothing that can make or break your dress sense. Most men shy away from effectively utilizing this piece of menswear. If you get it rightly, be rest assured you have just hit a Goldmine in the men’s fashion scene. Use it wrongly and you will look like you dropped off a cliff from the 90’s. In this article we will do justice to identifying the different types of vest for men according to the material used for construction. Along the line the features and functions of each vest type will be discussed before finally listing the top 10 bestselling waistcoats and vests for men.

Different Types of Men’s Vests

There are different types of men’s vest available out there. They are broadly placed in two categories; formal vest and informal vest (fashion vest). The formal vest or waistcoat is often worn as part of a three piece suit for business meetings or to the office. They form the 3rd part of a three piece suit . The colors of a formal vest are often simple solid or patterned to match the color of the suit. Informal vest or waistcoats are constructed without the intention of wearing them with a suit. They feature multiple colors, printed images and a wide verity of designs. However, this article seeks to differentiate the types of vest available according to the material used.

Men’s Suit Vest

The suit vest is part of a three piece suit. It’s a highly formal vest for the business minded and for office wear. Although they can be purchased separately, if you are buying them for a suit make sure they are of the same color and material with the suit and pants. Choosing a vest that is not of the same color with the suit and pants and still manage to nail the look might be quite hard to pull off. Newbies should stick with same color. Seasoned fashion pros can venture into different vest color combinations with the blazer suit .

Men’s Winter Vest

Winter vest are mainly filled with down or synthetic fibers because there are practically for protection rather than style. They are a bit puffer than fleece vest and closely related to puffer vest. Most will often have a hood that is enclosed in a zip-like compartment just within the collar region of the vest.

Men’s Sweater Vest

The most popular materials used for making a sweater vest is cotton and cashmere. They are mainly found as traditional attires for golfers and tennis players. The hand knitted sweater vest are well sort after in departmental stores because of the attention to details that a neater can put in. Since it is made from cotton or cashmere it does a good job of protecting the chest region from the elements. They are often tailored with a V-neck and i am yet to see a sweater vest with buttons.

Men’s Puffer Vest

The puffer vest is designed for cooler temperatures. Just as the name implies the puffy nature and material of the vest serve as an insulator, trapping heat within the fabric for warmth during winter seasons. Most are quilted using synthetic fibers and it’s a popular ski garment. Sometimes they are designed with multiple pockets and sharp opening. Popular puffer vest tho, come with a zipper.

Men’s quilted Vest

Quilted vest comes with plenty of insulation and are sometimes made as a quilted puffer vest. Most will be constructed with synthetic fibers like polyester and Nylon. They are light, water resistant and breathable.

Men’s Denim Vest

Denim is an iconic name synonymous to casual wear. You can find denim in everyday wears across all age groups and gender. There a lot of reasons to spot a denim vest on. The first been comfort even after long hours of wearing. The second is its versatile nature and the third is the numerous designs and colors available to choose from. Denim vest are very fashionable and yet appear rugged. Buyers should pay attention to the type of denim material used and size chart to make sure they make informed decisions.

Men’s Fleece Vest

Fleece vest like the puffer vest are for warmth during cold weather. They offer a lighter alternative to the puffer vest. Without the bulkiest of the puff a fleece vest would appeal to those who like lightweight clothing. They also look more fashionable because of the numerous style alternatives and colors available. A very good branded fleece vest are offered by North Face.

Men’s Leather Vest (Biker Vest)

Leather vest can be placed in the informal fashion vest category. They are normally constructed in a biker or cowboy –like fashion. Take a look and most country music albums and you will find that they are popular a choice for musicians. The leather is rugged and rough but in a more toned down way.

Men’s Tweed Vest

Tweed vest are next to the suit vest. The vest garment stems from Great Britain where it has found use as great spotting attire for hunting or horseback riding. It can be tailored to fit and normally comes with four or five buttons made of same contrasting materials from brass or bone. Check out this informative info graphic from realmenrealstyle

In terms of streamlining your appearance waist coats can come in handly. They can keep those lines in tune with your appearance ensuring you look dapper and smarter. Pair it up nicely and you can be sure of a very classic look, pair it up wrongly and you will be no different from a costume party.
Quality is key but as with most of my style nuggets “Fitting is King”. Too large and you will be better off in a barrel, too small and you can become very uncomfortable. Look to buy wool, cotton or a blend of natural fabrics. Jeans and chinos work well with waist coats, Chambray shirts are a cool match but there are a host of other matching shirts that can be combined with waist coats.

Style Nugget: Do not button the last button of your waistcoat so it doesn’t pull upwards when you lift your arms.
Dress etiquette demands that you keep your waistcoat button up at all times. Stop acting like a child, defeating the purpose that the vest tries to serve with your own manners. It will help you streamline your appearance, let’s keep it that way.

Recommended seasonal fabrics include tweed/corduroy coats during winter and cotton or whipcord during summer. This could help you avoid the regular styles that makes most men look like waiters in a bar.

Top 10 Bestselling Men’s Waistcoat/Vest

1.) SVE TheLees Mens slim fit chain point 3 button vest

2.) Zicac Men’s Unique Advanced Custom Vest Skinny Wedding Dress Waistcoat

3.) Hanayome Men’s Double-Breasted Leisure Business Suit Dress Vest Waistcoat VS02

4.) Hanayome Men’s British Style Slim Fit Chain Point 4 Button Patry Dress vest VS09

5.)H2H Mens Formal Slim Fit Premium Business Dress Suit Button Down Vests

6.) H2H Mens Fashion Business Suit Vest

7.) Zicac Men’s Top Designed Casual Slim Fit Skinny Dress Vest Waistcoat

8.) Cavani Mens Stylish Herringbone Tweed Velvet Collar Checked Waistcoats

9.) Izacu Mens Top Designed Casual Slim Fit Skinny Dress Vest Waistcoat Gilet
10.) Perry Ellis Men’s 5 Button Suit Separate Vest


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