Top 10: Rated Best Dress Shirts to Buy for men as gift items or personal use


Top 10: Rated Best Dress Shirts to Buy for Men as Gift Items or Personal Use

When it comes to dress shirts, fitting is king, irrespective of the big brand name. If it doesn’t fit, then the quality, price tag and materials won’t mean anything. The days of bogus under armpit dress shirts are over, welcome and embrace fitted shirts like your first time love. Dress shirts are very versatile and are staple wardrobe attires for men.

Button down shirts make a great formal dress shirt as the straight collars allow the shirt to look smart even without a tie accessory. Check patterned shirts are in vogue these days and when combined with a jacket and denim jeans you end up with a casual outfit that is nice. White and blue dress shirts are the most versatile colors out there while green, yellow and red could add some depth.

“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job” says Herbert Harold Vreeland.

“It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap clothes” says Epictetus
With these quotes at the back of our minds we have researched into some of the top 10 rated best dress shirts for men, suitable as gift items or for personal use

1.) Hugo Boss ‘Miles’ Sharp Fit Dress Shirt

Our top pick come’s this superb dress shirt by Hugo boss. Costing just $95, it’s a steal for this top branded shirt. It comes in the two most versatile colors discussed above, white and blue. For some added depth it has a light purple variant suitable for traditional casual and light formal attires.

2.) Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Regular Fit Tattersall Dress Shirt

This list can’t be complete without a dress shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. For just below $50 what you have is a checked patterned dress shirt, machine washable and a formal attire button down collar. It also has a chest pocket that’s not too loud and a regular fitted round cuff.

3.)Eagle Men’s Non Iron Slim Fit Solid Button Down Collar Dress Shirt

Next in the list is Eagle design clothing dress shirt. Two variant, white and blue mists made with 100% cotton material, machine washable. The material doesn’t need ironing after washing and for about $45 what you have is a slim fitted dress shirt that will surely keep you smiling.

4.)Cutter & Buck Men’s Epic Easy Care Fine Twill Shirt

I love the choices on display with this one. If you are daring enough, break out from the regular white, blue and black dress shirts and try other colors like cardinal red, sea palm and navy blue dress shirts available from cutter and buck. Cutter and buck is just what you need for your job. They are extremely classy and well packaged. Highly recommended if you intend to get them as gift items.

5.)Enro Regular, Big and Tall Point Collar Luxury Pinpoint Dress Shirt

For those with sensitive skins, this dress shirt by Enro is listed as a 30+ protection from UVA and UVB rays. Costing between $50 – 90 bucks, it’s a good bargain for the quality it presents. 100% cotton material for big and tall fitting individuals. Lots of size chart types, so be sure you know what you are looking for.

6.)Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Technicole Slim Fit Solid French Cuff Dress Shirt

Kenneth Cole is a brand name in U.S.A so this shouldn’t be a brand you can’t relate with. This dress shirt tho, unlike the others, has a blend of various materials all working in tandem to bring out the best qualities from each material. 67% cotton, 29% polyester and 4% spandex are crafted to present to you a shirt with flexible arm hole, collar and arms. A good slim fit dress shirt that retains its original shape for ages. Cost btw $35 -$60.

7.)Theory Men’s Sylvain Wealth Dress Shirt

Quite pricey dress shirt by Theory. Between $180 -$195. Good things don’t come cheap. This is a top-notch dress shirt with color varieties that can transit between the traditional formal attire to casual wear. Make sure you purchase every type listed. You won’t regret it.

8.)Vincenzo Boretti Men’s Shirt Slim Fit Double Cuff Uni Non Iron

For $50 you have a powerful slim fitted shirt by Vincenzo Boretti. 100% cotton material. So far we have had a 100% positive customer reviews. That should say a lot about the quality of the shirt. Solid shirt for a reasonable price.

9.)Historical Emporium Men’s Excelsior Victorian High Collar Dress Shirt

Look historical in this iconic shirt. Not a slim fit but still quite attractive. You should get this one for specialty events.

10.)Weitzenkorn’s Designer Men’s Slim Fit Non Iron Cotton Dress Shirt

Weitzenkorn’s are renowned for stocking quality shirts. This one is no exception. It will look great on a suit and tie and can blend in seamlessly with a jacket and jeans with no tie for that smart casual look.


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