Top 10: Gift of A Pocket Square and Tie Set for Men


Top 10 Gift of A Pocket Square and Tie Set for Men

We are well aware that the right accessories can make or break an entire outfit. Keeping that in mind, pocket squares and ties are a staple accessory in any gentleman’s wardrobe. They come in different colors and shades to suit a wide verity of formal suits and coats. There is a rich vault on the net demonstrating how to nail this combination rightly with your formal attires. Guides and color combination, dress etiquette litter the blogosphere of how to wear and fold rightly pocket squares and ties. The importance of this dress accessory means they are a hot item for gifting purposes especially to men. Here I have listed the top 10 gifts of a pocket square and tie set for men.

1.)Purple and Black Silk Tie and Pocket Square

One of a kind, this 100% silk purple and black colored pocket square and tie is hand-made and self-tipping. You will love the design features of this product. You won’t regret the slightest buying this as a gift item. It’s a really fancy set accessory every man would love to have. Works wonders when paired with a regular black suit. Get it for just $39.97

2.)Fire Orange and Black Paul Malone Silk Tie and Pocket Square

This is also a silk hand-made pocket square measuring 58 by 3.25 inch for the tie and 10 by 10 inch long for the pocket square. For just $29.99 this baby is yours for the keeping or as a great gift item. One fancy feature is the fire Orange color. I like the way it was blended with black to bring out a color combination that is sure to attract compliments.

3.)Bronze and Black Paul Malone Silk Tie and Pocket Square

In bronze and black this pocket square and tie accessory is a steal. You will wear this product over and over again and it still won’t lose its texture or feel. The color and quality of the set are simply fantastic. If you are looking to get your husband a tie set, give this accessory a go. For the price, it’s a good bargain.

4.)Paul Malone Extra Long Silk Necktie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Yellow Paisleys

This set sells for $33.90 and it includes cufflinks to match. I did read somewhere that you should never match your pocket square with your tie. That’s utterly nonsense. If it looks good, feels good, then go ahead and break the rule. This Jacquard woven tie will look really awesome on a black, blue or grey navy suit.

5.)Extra Long Necktie Set by Paul Malone . Gold Paisley

Break away from the normal dull bold color tie and get into the cheerful mode with this extra long necktie set. If you are 6 feet tall and above then this tie should suit just fine for you. For $34.90 what you get is a nicely woven tie that richly blends Gold and Orange colors.

6.)Paul Malone Extra Long Silk Necktie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Champagne Paisleys

Extra-long and made of 100% silk material. Costing just below $40, hand-made and jacquard woven. One positive of these tie and pocket square sets are they are mainly winkle free. They are all great products with little drawbacks. Great quality for the price .

7.)Red and Grey Gingham Paul Malone Silk Tie and Pocket Square

Nice quality tie and pocket square costing just $34.99. The red and grey colors are designed in a checked inter-locking pattern. The picture says a thousand words and will look great on a black suit.

8.)Silver and Black Silk Tie and Pocket Square. Paul Malone Red Line

This is a premium silver and black tie and pocket square accessory. You should purchase a lot more of this product in varying colors because they all look really good. If you are really conscious of the way you look then give this product a try. As a gift item, they work wonders.
Buy now for just $39.97

9.)Gold and Black Silk Tie and Pocket Square . Paul Malone Red Line

Gold and black tie and pocket square premium set combo by Paul Malone red line. Over a 100 positive customer verified purchase comments can’t all be wrong. It’s a great tie for the price of it. There has been a little debate on the actual color of the tie, so try get some facts right before you purchase it. Get it now for just $39.97

10.) Paul Malone Necktie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks 100% Silk Gold Black Stripes

The color combination on this set are quite fanciful. I like the Gold and black stripes that matches the pocket square. For just $30.00, this is a great item to buy as a gift set. This product for me is worth very penny, the details and specs are exactly as stated online. Should work wonders with a tuxedo and to any black and Gold theme party out.


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