Top 10: Best Selling Scarves to buy as Gifts for Men (Updated)


Top 10 Best Selling Scarves to buy as gifts for Men

If you are looking to get the gift item of a dress scarf for men , you will want to get it right. There are virtually millions of scarves online to choose from. This can be a very daunting task considering the importance.

Whether you need it for personal use or as a gift item, you must pull it off rightly so it gets appreciated when worn. My best bet is to go for scarves with unique logos as they kind of add that extra level of sophistication that separates them form the rest. Leave out low priced scarves as you will get exactly what you bargained for, low quality. The best scarves for men this fall season are those made with 100% cashmere and wool or a blend of both. I have gone through the lot at online stores and came up with a list I think will give you the best value for your money.

They are not your low priced, low quality scarf costing below $10 and are definitely not your over luxurious scarves pricing as high as $200 to $350. They are a carful pick ranging between $25- $60 that are of high quality making them highly suitable as gift items and for personal use.

In no particular order here are my top 10 best selling scarves to buy as gifts or for personal use this shopping season for men.

1.) A Luxury 100% Cashmere Scarf By Veronz.

This 100% Cashmere scarf comes with 9 design types and can only be dry cleaned. It’s a steal for a luxurious scarf priced at $56.99. It measures 54 by 12 inch with a 3inch fringe, newer models are longer tho. In case you worry so much about the length, then pay attention to the lengthen details while you hover over each design pic. The scarf is wonderfully soft and the extra feel and warmth of a true cashmere scarf can’t be over emphasized. For the price range you get exactly what was advertised.

2.) Another 100% Cashmere Scarf by Fishers Finery

This is a good quality scarf with masculine details written all over it. It’s quit lengthy appx 65 inch by 12 inch. If you are giving scarves as gift items you might not be in the position to judge the quality but the positive reviews says it all. You will be glad you purchased this as the receiver will certainly love this. The cashmere material seems to be of Mongolian roots and serves the purpose of warmth, comfort and style. Get it Now for $54.99

3.)The Unisex cashmere and Lambwool Plaid Scarf by Saferin

Gift box included for a discounted price of $35.00. This scarf is a hybrid of cashmere and lamb wool material, specifically 70% cashmere and 30% lambwool. One of the reasons it has made my list is because it comes in as many as 35 different colors. Look to purchase masculine colors as gift items for a man. Because it is exquisitely packaged in a gift wrap, it becomes an ideal choice for a gift. Another positive is its stylish patterned color which I feel makes the product versatile. Those with allergy sensitive skins will find this scarf appealing and the reduced itching is something I find awesome.

4.) An Embroidered Logo Scarf by Yves Saint Laurent

Made in Italy. This is a 100% wool scarf with a contrasting embroidered Logo. The logo is really cool, not too loud and sits just above the fringe. It’s a quality designer scarf for fall and the make looks really expensive but for price of $44.99 it is a must have. Buy one for self as well as a gift item and you will be clad you did. Trust me on this, I love the logo design that separates it from the millions of wool scarves out there.

5.) Ysiop Men Cashmere Solid Cozy Scarf and Hat Set for winter

Brand products and their funny names. Your satisfaction is our priority (Ysiop).Hope they live up to the brand name. I almost passed up on this one but decided to list it primarily because it comes with a hat to match. A winter scarf and a winter hat to match just for $53.99, 100% Australian wool . With this product the picture says a thousand words; I love the camel color hat and scarf combination, looks great. I think a lot of details went into producing this masterpiece and it does serve the purpose of style and protection against the elements.

6.) Knit Stripe Plaid Scarf By Ysiop

The reason this scarf has 100% positive customer reviews is rooted in the artistic and unique designs of the stripe plaid scarf. Get in on this before the rush sends it out of stock for a measly $37.49. What the hell is Golden ratio blended. Well specs say’s it’s a 30% Australian wool scarf blended with some Gold ratio wool. No fading, no pilling and no deformation. The scarf is pretty well designed and can serve both formal and casual occasions.

7.) A material blend of Cashmere Scarf for Men by Veniroc

A nice blend of Cashmere, Lyocell and Nylon went into the production of this scarf. Combining the qualities of high density, elasticity and smoothness what we have is a fashionable scarf for men that is not only comfortable and stylish but also good looking and of a high quality. Super smooth and very cute. 100% positive customer review thus far says a lot. The sweaty and itchy feeling seems to have been taken care of by Veniroc. Buy this scarf to add some style and class to your wardrobe this winter season and watch the compliments roll in. (For just $35.99)

8.) Unisex Luxurious Winter Wool Scarf by Lovarzi

Lovers of bold single colored scarves will like this. For just $31.99 this baby is yours for personal use or as a great gift item. Its 100% made with wool so it should do justice to combating the chilly winter. Finally a premium wool scarf, so the brand claims, that speaks for itself. It’s more tilted towards a formal dress scarf rather than a casual scarf. So it seems, probably because of its bold plain color. So do you have a business inclined, suit dresser, formal clothes wearer in mind. Gift him this scarf.

9.)Men’s Luxury Elegant 100% Lambswool Scarf Premium Quality – 9 Designs

Mid-priced at $22.99 with 9 different designs to choose form. Made from premium quality 100% lambswool. Not too thick as you would expect your regular winter scarf to be but it’s still dense enough to keep the chill away.

10.) Spring Wool Fashion Tartan Plaid Scarf

Finally making my list is a really nice masculine reversible scarf designed with colors that pair well with formal and business attires. Color patterned formal dress scarf that is not too overwhelming. One major positive is the length which enables the owner experiment with different folding styles. For the price of $34.99 what you get is quality. The mix of cream, off white, blue, brown is simply astonishing.

So there you have it. I just saved you the stress of looking for mid-priced quality scarves. Even if you don’t purchase them, at least I have given you a head start. Let me know what you think at the comments section below. Thanks


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