Top 10: Best Mens Black Bowler Hats for Sale as Gift Items or Personal Use


Top 10: Best Mens Black Bowler Hats for Sale as Gift Items or for Personal Use

Bowler hats were exceptionally popular in the 19th and 20th century. They formed a major part of men’s head wear among English working class although the Victorian era. It was one of the iconic and staple men’s headgear back in the days. But is it making a comeback?

Stylish men and fashion enthusiast are beginning to give it a comeback. Producers seems to be catching up on the trend and are now blending all sorts of materials, incorporating designs and giving the headgear a new face to make them more appealing. That said, the increasing popularity is now been compared to that of the versatile beanie and the cowboy hats.
Black Bowler hats can be very versatile as to match both formal and casual attires. Pair them with a suit for that dapper look or pair them with a regular denim jeans, t-shirt and jacket and you are good to go. As black bowler hats for sale can come in a wide variety of colors and designs choosing the right one can be quite a daunting experience, hence the article. To give you a head start here are my top 10 best mens black bowler hat for sale as gift items or for personal use.

*Images are clickable to actual products*

1.) Belfry Tammany Men’s 100 Percent Wool Felt Derby Bowler Hat in Black or Gray

Stylishly designed with a 4-inch rounded crown, a hat band fixated to a feather to match. Closely resembles the iconic bowler hat from the 80’s. This hat will keep you warm and dry in both winter and fall season. The Belfry Tammany bowler hat is our number one pick for a verity of positive reasons. Its interior is designed with the best materials that dry off sweat from your head in sunny days.
If you want it, go for it. At a price of just below $40 what you get is a sturdy hat that’s not made from cheap materials.

 2.) Scala Men’s Wool Felt Derby Hat

Next in my list after careful research, is the Scala men’s wool felt Derby Bowler hat. This hat comes in five different color variations, black, chocolate, charcoal, brown and grey. So you have with you a bowler hat that you can match intelligently with your dress attires. 100% wool felt featuring a textured grosgrain band incorporated with a removable feather. What’s with these hats and feathers anyway? I honestly don’t like them. Nice to know you can take them off if you wish. Not bad for a quality hat @ mid-price $40

3.)Belfry Deuce 100% Wool Felt Stingy Brim Men’s Derby Bowler Hat in 2 Colors

I just love the rounded short brim of this hat. The design features gives this hat a traditional look similar to the derby hat of the 80’s. It’s cute and compact. The interior as with other top hats, are made from top notch moisture wicking materials to keep you cool and dry all day. Just make sure you get the sizing right and you will be grad you bought it. This hat will fit perfectly into your wardrobe just fine. Add to your already established collection of hats or have it as a gift item, whatever the case, it’s a win-win.

4.)Men’s Felt Bowler Hat with Ribbon Trim – Grey Chocolate

Another beautifully crafted felt bowler hat for men. The brim of this hat measures 2 inch while the crown is 4 inch with an oval rounded top. Its stylishly designed with a ½ inch accented brim upturned all round with a ribbon trim. Suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities, winter and fall Seasons. If you are shopping for a derby bowler hat for the first time, I would suggest you give this hat a try. It’s completely collapsible, soft and comfortable. It’s not as stiff as most bowler hats but still retains its shape even after hours of wearing. It’s priced at appx $40 -$60

5.) Derby Hat

If you are shopping for a derby hat in which you can manipulate the brim to suit your taste then try this one. It features a removable feather and a hat band. The hat does look nicer on ground than what the picture illustrates. If you are looking to stand out of the crowd once in a while then try this hat out.

6.)Scala Classico Men’s Wool Felt Bowler Hat

Another quality hat from Scala, for appx $39 – $60. This hat is everything you need a bowler hat to be; stiff, sturdy, stylish, warm and beautiful. Made from 100% wool this hat is fully suited for the winter season. It is DPC branded and can be hand washed. The only drawback I see with this hat is that it only comes in black, so you won’t have much of a choice outside the sizing. I would rather keep this hat for special occasions and for days when I really want to make a fashion statement.

7.) Conner Hats Men’s Carson City Wool Bowler Hat

In 7th place is the Men’s Carson City wool bowler hat made from 100% wool with an organic cotton sweatband. I’m really not a fan of products made in china but had to list this one after careful consideration. It’s a cute hat with a rounded brim of 5” height and 1.75” brim. Makers of this hat succeeded in making a blend between Young Guns and Steampunk to arrive at a product that will suit your traditional style.

8.) Men’s Felt Bowler Hat with Ribbon Trim – Black

One positive feature of this hat is the idea of an adjustable headband. It’s well made and quite dashing that will sure draw compliments to the wearer. Buy it for personal use or as a gift item and you won’t go wrong on this one. As long as you get the sizing right you will be glad you got this one. For just $45 this baby is yours.

9.) New Scala Classico Satin Line Black Wool Felt Low Crown Bowler Grosgrain Band Hat

Another product from Scala Classico. This is also a wool felt bowler hat with satin lining rounded with a grosgrain band. The 2 inch brim makes a slight angular curvature that’s quite unique. For a price just below $60 and for the quality it offers, its money well spent.

10.) Conner Hats Men’s Historic Bowler Hat

This bowler hat is slightly designed differently from the traditional bowlers. It is made from 100% Australian wool making it quite soft and comfortable. One positive I drew from the product details is that it can easily be brought back to shape if it gets wrinkled just by using your fingers and steam from a tea kettle. Buy now for just $50.

11.) Kangol Origin Bowler

I almost passed up on this one. Priced between $110 -$129 depending on the size and type you choose. This is a stylish KANGOL bowler that incorporates a belted band around the crown. Looks really nice on ground, just as the picture illustrates.


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