The Titanium Expert Watch by Tissot

Tissot men’s T-touch expert titanium watch is a watch loved by people.  Not just because the white metal (titanium) case is so lightweight that make the wearer feel comfortable but this watch is a real attention grabber. The top titanium material make, is very tough and reliable and offers top-notch protection as well. Tissot men’s TO134204420200 watch is a product from Tissot designed for men who want to express their life style personalities, and attract attention right off the bat.
One important fact about the watch is that it is manufactured by one of the world most well-known and respected brand – Tissot. You can expect a high performance beast that rarely miss out when it comes to timekeeping. The white metal of Tissot men’s Titanium watch makes the watch shine under the sun and it’s built with skill, competence, faculty and dexterity to resist water pressure up to 330ft.

Technical Specifications

Water-resistant, it looks elegant (attractive and showing good sense of style) and it serves its primary purpose with the aptness and aptitude of resisting water. It allows the user to swim and shower with it. And with both analog and digital display
Shape:                           Round
Glass Material:              Tactile Sapphire crystal
Movement Caliber:        E48-351
Water Resistance:         330ft
Dial Type:                       Arabic dial index

Features of the Watch

TISSOT men’s TO134204420200 watch featuring
  • Swiss Quartz movement with analog – digital display
  • Scratch – resistant sapphire, crystal dial window with 44mm case diameter;
  • Features turn-over clasp with double push-button safety closure.
  • It’s a device for recording time accurately i.e. stop watch (chronograph). Also a compass, barometer and altimeter.

Appearance of the Watch

Caseback: There are plenty of stainless steel watches in the market, but the TISSOT men’s titanium watch gives a more exclusive look. The touch screen works perfectly. The altimeter is super cool and minute hand for functionality and it works seamlessly. You can even set the compass to point to magnetic north or geographical north.

Mechanical Movement

Time:  Count down from the time that can be set in hours, minutes and seconds.
Chrono split:  Chronograph function with the ability of monitoring multiple time events
Movement Caliber:   E48.351

Functionality of the Watch

It is a water tight version which allows you to go swimming and showing. Tissot titanium watch has the meteo-thermo, altimeter and compass buttons.  The TISSOT men’s T-touch watch can be worn with blues for formal occasions, and with any civilian attire.  This watch has everything you could wish for it has class resistance and power.
With the TISSOT T-touch expert the wearer has a high-precision instrument offering the ideal combination of high-tech functionality and case of use.
TISSOT T-Touch Titanium owners literally have technology at their finger tips, anytime, anywhere. It is perfect and recommended for professional mountaineers and extreme skiers.

Materials Used in Designing or Making the Watch

The case and bracelet are made from a white metal called titanium and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window with 44mm case diameter.
Price Comparison
Online Stores                            Price ($)                            $770.69                                 $789.00                                   –

Product Comparison

Comparing TISSOT men’s TO154204420200 T-Touch Expert Titanium Watch and Tissot T-TouchExpert Solar Black Dial Titanium men’s watch TO914204405100.
Tissot T-Touch expert solar, which is sold for $1,150 has some unique features which justifies the price. The TISSOT T-Touch Export Solar is made with near bullet proof premium materials, and it is the most clever version  of old world wrist-wear ever to hide under cuffs. The TISSOT T-Touch expert solar is a tool watch, made for a very specific buyer. It measures specialized data, crucially important to its intended user. It operates on power from the sun, not a USB. It doesn’t need a smart phone to maximize capabilities.
The silicone band is both comfortable and pliable, but its design leaves a little to be desired. The band’s orange coloring a Tissot staple – is bright and commanding. It should be noted that the expert line of T-touch watches (and there only solar powered version) were designed with mountaineering in mind.

 If the price of TISSOT T-Touch Expert solar watch is too expensive, I will also recommend TISSOT men’s TO134204420200 T-Touch expert Titanium watch which is less expensive and durable.


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