Intro : A Shopper’s Guide to the Necktie Accessory

Neckties are a type of mens accessories, a neck tie is a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes round the neck just resting under the shirt. This comprehensive necktie guide will enlighten you on the nitty gritty of a necktie.

They act as decorative piece of clothing to a suit; a neck tie can be worn with a suit during for formal occasions or events. If worn improperly you have this awkward appearance or look. Necktie comes in different trend and styles, they also come in various colours, mainly made from silk clothing or polyesters.

Regarded as highly essential items to men, necktie are used in dressing up for offices, holiday anniversaries or any kind of special occasions, giving the wearer a  higher personality, elegance and lovely look. They have been in existence for a long time, it was first created or developed by the Egyptians but are now  important and necessary item in a male attire.

Accurate knowledge of the best neckties that fit your clothing will give you an egde so as to prevent that awkward look or appearance. Justifying the purpose of this necktie guide.  As simple as it might seem, they do get noticed, in fact next to your shoes neckties tend to be the second most noticed part of your outfit.

Weather you believe it or not the choice of a necktie can often reflect a person’s trait or characteristics. If you want to really make a fashion statement then englighten yourself of what ties are best, then look to get it matched and worn rightly.

We have different types of ties which include but not limited to novelty ties (the novelty tie amuses people), the silky tie (gives an impression to the audience), etc.

Neckties are classic pieces and are available in various styles, colour and pattern. Neckties come in various sizes and it also varies; we have the wide neckties, and we also do have slimmer(fitted) neck ties. The slimmer or skinny neckties are usually found among the young generation and is a hot fashion item now. Time to take an  in-depth analysis of the necktie.

Different Kinds/Patterns of Neckties

These include;

  • Clip on Tie

    This type of tie is permanently knotted and it can be attached to your collar using the metal clip that is provided with the purchase of neckties; a full grown man must know how to tie a necktie, most people  do not welcome the idea of clip on ties and feel its meant for children, but they are easy to wear and fast to put on, saving you time if you are in a hurry.Product DetailsProduct Details

  • Four in Hand Tie

    The four-in-hand knot is a method of tying a necktie, it is also known as a simple knot or school boy knot, due to its simplicity and style, the knot produced by this method is on the narrow side, slightly asymmetric and it is appropriate for most occasions. It is one of the three method of a tying a necktie. There are ties made specifically for the four in hand tie system available in a variety of materials such as polyester, cotton, and silk.

  • The Seven-Fold Tie

    The seven-fold tie is a constructed neck tie, instead of sewing an inlay for the tie for thickness, the tie is made out of a single piece of fabric that is folded 7 times. The result of having a seven-fold tie includes an incomparable drape, a larger looking tie knot that is heavy in weight. The sevenfold tie is the most expensive tie because they are hard to arrange and also because of the elaborate folds you have to get and can take hours or more to accomplish the perfect knot.

    Seven fold pattern tie
    Seven fold pattern tie

    Seven fold pattern tie
    Seven fold pattern tie

Neckties play a very important role in completing the overall look of a particular outfit, picking up the piece that looks littered to make the entire outfit look more coordinated or arranged.


Necktie Patterns/ Necktie Guide

The necktie pattern comes in various forms which include;

  • Striped Neckties

    These neckties are made from printing or woven from wool. Its the main stream neckties or color combination neckties with a free design sense. Stripped neckties provide the possibility of endless combinations of style and pattern.

    Allbebe Men's Classic Floral Striped
    Allbebe Men’s Classic Floral Striped

    Scott Allan Men's Striped Necktie/ necktie guide
    Scott Allan Men’s Striped Necktie
  • Even Distribution pattern Necktie

    These necktie pattern are evenly distributed or shared equally on the necktie fabrics, examples are an evenly distributed small octagonal shape or baby elephant pattern.

  • Dot Neckties

This is a unique tie pattern. It is stylishly patterned with the dot shape, it could be printed or woven on the necktie and the fabric or material of the tie can be silk or wool. This type of tie come in bigger dot or bolder pattern or styles. They hardly ever  go out of style and  the bigger the dot in your necktie the bolder its style.

Black Polka dot silk tie
Black Polka dot silk tie
White dot - black dot nektie
White dot – black dot nektie






Paisley Necktie

This type of neckties are considered as the typical British style. The tie pattern is gotten from the east. This unique pattern is a symbol of richness and productivness  and it is very popular among silk neckties.

New Green Paisley Jacquard necktie
New Green Paisley Jacquard necktie
Paul Malone Necktie
Paul Malone Necktie
  • Geometric neckties

    These neckties are finely woven. The visual prizzle from the pattern of this necktie is eye-catchy.  There are a lot of this neckties available in the market.  Some are even able to produce 3D graphics using geometric layers in their neckties.

    Scott Allan Men's Geometric Necktie
    Scott Allan Men’s Geometric Necktie

    New Classic Geometric Blue JACQUARD necktie
    New Classic Geometric Blue JACQUARD necktie
  • Theme Neckties

    Remembrance themes can be used for necktie designs, these themes can be formed from any historical event or formed from anything. These theme ties can be very cheap or high end artwork depending on taste. Some themed neckties feature popular tourist while others feature hobbies.

    Gold Men's Christian Theme Necktie
    Gold Men’s Christian Theme Necktie

    Black - Gray theme necktie
    Black – Gray theme necktie
  • Imaginative Pattern Neckties

    this type of neck ties are usually created by designer’s imagination, it can be in a form of flower pattern, animal drawing, it could be big small dynamic and they are different, you have to be selective to know the one which fits you best.

  • Block Plaid neck ties

    This type of neckties have broad or narrow plaids, it has a broad concept with different options. Even if it has various options, you should have an idea which pattern it refers to; the fabric of this neckties could be silk or wool and can either be wide or thin

    Plaid neck ties
    Plaid neck ties

    Plaid neck ties
    Plaid neck ties
  • Fine Plaid Neckties

    This type of necktie patterns are most applied or worn in suit.  These neckties have a nice match for your suit if its made with the same fabric.

  • Solid Color Neckties

    Solid color neckties cover almost all colors, they are made of all kind of fabrics and woven with thousands of weaving techniques. These ties are not very flaunting and relatively conservative, these ties are available in different colors, solid color neckties are manufactured from different types of fabrics, most people tend to go for neckties of darker colors..

    Solid Black necktie
    Solid Black necktie

    High Quality Solid color necktie
    High Quality Solid color necktie

Color Matching a Suit with a Necktie?

Selected ties should be matched with suits and shirts, in recent years most colors of suits are gray, dark gray, blue, black, brown and so the perfect or ideal neckties should be purple, coffee brown, dark red and other warmer colors.  The medium light tone colored neckties are suitable or ideal for dark complexion but not the neckties in dark or too light colour. A suit and a necktie should have a layer feel. Light colored suit will fit with dark colored necktie and a dark suit will fit with light colored neck ties, both ways always look excellent and lastly the choice of tie color should be coordinated or arranged with a specific event or occasion

The Do’s and Don’t  of a Necktie


Buying and wearing ties with styles and trend require effort and thought; when getting a shirt, also get a tie that gives an excellent look, also know that when the tie is tied properly the tip of the tie should come to your belt and buckles. The standard length of a tie should be 56inch/140cm – 57inch/142cm long).  Always learn how to knot ties properly, you can also change the knot type to suit the style of your shirt collars, always pick the right tie knot for the right collar.

Dont’s of a Necktie

  • Don’t ever delegate the job of choosing or selecting your ties to some one else unless they have a great taste and they have a fashion sense(talioring Professional);
  • Don’t buy cheap polyester ties, printed or woven silk ties are well worth the extra investment.
  • Don’t over complicate shirt and tie combinations. Keeping it simple will display an aura of confidence


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