The wallet is an easily overlooked style accessory for men. Most of the time we are just comfortable with owning any good leather wallet and for some of us we have had the same wallet for ages. That’s a shame, considering the fact that these little pieces hold some of our most priced processions. They house credit cards, money and a lot of other valuable items such as ID cards and complimentary cards. Shouldn’t we at the very least give some thought to the kind of wallet we us?

This handy guide will help you identify some of the best wallets for men in online stores now.

Most guys can relate to the fact that they have had their wallets for ages. They use them without even giving it a second thought. But shouldn’t those poor battered winkle looking wallet get an upgrade? We think they should. While we agree that they shouldn’t take center stage like your stone wash jeans does please man, get a decent wallet.

Besides, where is the style in pouring old wines in new bottles? You can’t be moving around well dressed up nicely but with an old looking wallet.  Whether your wallet needs an upgrade, or you are just looking to change that which you have or add to your collections, this guide will be beneficial.

Herschel Leather Wallets for men

Herschel is popular for making some of the most stylish and functional bags for both men and women. They have also mastered the art of making some slim fitting leather wallets. Herschel stocks most of the styles you can think of, whether you need a coin pocket wallet, a card holder or you require minimized compartments they have it all.

For those stylishly savvy enough, they have these wallets in a wide range of colors that can match most outfits. Just remember you’re a man, don’t go overboard looking to match wallets with outfits. Keep things simple. For a sleeker alternative opt for the all-black card holder while their canvas wallets are appropriate for casual attires.

Mulberry Leather Wallets for Men

Mulberry is a master at leather works. Their leather wallets speak volumes of the master craftsmanship and attention to detail put into each piece. The designer wallets by Mulberry are a solid investment any day any time. They will stand out, are sleek with a clean and finished look. Guaranteed to last longer than most wallets in its range you’d be better off with a more functional piece than just a card holder.

Just like Herschel, Mulberry has a wide variety of wallets to choose form with many features that can have you wondering how the hell you got stuck to your old wallet for so long. Coin pockets, sleek compartments, card slots just to mention a few.

Levi’s Leather Wallets for Men

Yea, you probably thought Levi’s were only good at making jeans, right? Well you are wrong; they are not just renowned for making stylish Levi’s jeans but also accessories. One of those accessories are quality leather wallets. With this brand I’d advise you go for more heritage piece to put you in the vibe of the Levi’s history.  The signature embossed logo is a touch of quality and design.

If you are the jeans type rather than the straight pants type, the Levi’s wallets are definitely for you. They are one of the budget designer wallets out there. For lesser you can get almost the same quality with a Levi wallet.

Fred Perry Leather Wallet for Men

I bet you know Fred Perry for their polo shirts. They like Levi’s have also gone the accessory route in a bid to gather more fan base. History has it that the first item he launched his business with was a sweatband so it’s no wonder they are tracing their roots back to accessories.

They have an extensive range of wallets in various prints and styles. Keep your choice simple and don’t get carried away by the options in display. Particularly pleasing are the canvas wallets that would suit most casual attires.

Louis Vuitton Wallets for Men

This list won’t be complete without wallets from the iconic brand Louis Vuitton. No brand in the history of mankind has been replicated in fakes than Louis Vuitton.  However, a genuine Louis Vuitton can’t be mistaken.  The leather wallet shown below features the brands iconic canvas check, roomy card slots and a note compartment. It’s sophisticated, slim and ready to go.

Although they don’t come cheap you can at least pride yourself as owning a genuine Louis Vuitton piece. The slim nature of the wallet should slip in seamlessly in your back pocket.

Ralph Lauren Wallets for Men

Ralph Lauren is one designer brand almost at the same par with Levi’s. For those without the resources to invest on high end brands, Ralph Lauren is a very nice alternative. Without compromising on quality and style, Ralph Lauren brings to you mid-priced accessories that are durable and fashionable.  If you need a functional and minimalistic designed wallet this pebbled leather wallet will fit in nicely. The embossed logo and slim design features makes them the perfect wallet for formal occasions.

Comme des Garcons Wallets for Men

If you are tired of the traditional look of most brown and black wallet Comme des Garcons has something different for you. The wallets they craft are artistically designed to stand out from the crowd. They have some really outstanding designs in prints, mad fluorescent colors  and embossed designs that will tickle your fancy.  If you are looking to make a bold statement with a highly fashionable wallet then Comme des Garcons brand might suit your specs.

A.P.C Wallets for men

This wallet by A.P.C can be a real extension of your outfits.  This particular piece is more of an accessory than a humble wallet to store your belongings. The French origin of the brand is clearly stated in this style piece of art. It includes a handy wrist trap that is functional as well as practical. Keep it handy or wear around your neck for a contemporary look.

The compartment sizes are spacious enough to accommodate most of your little belongings like passport, credit cards, cash and complimentary cards. The darker versions are more traditional looking and are the more wearable investment piece. The choice is yours to make.

Pierre Hardy Wallets for Men

Pierre hardy always has a little twist to the natural norm. Most people would rather opt for very formal outfits to suit the extremely normal outfits they live in day in day out. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can make a subtle style statement with a unique looking accessory. This is where Pierre Hardy Wallets come in handy.

The geometric prints of this wallets are worthy of note. Don’t be fooled by its novelty appearance, this is a designer wallet that has been crafted with the choicest leather fabric with full blown artistic stitching. Trust me, with a wallet like this, people are going to notice your style taste quickly.

Paul Smith

Lastly, but in no particular quality order is designer wallets from Paul Smith. The smoothly designed wallet from Paul Smith will surely take care of all your essentials – you ID cards, credit cards, oyster cards and random coffee stamps all nicely cratered for by the simplistic design of this classic piece.

The simplistic design means you won’t be drawing too much attention to yourself like Comme Des Gardons would. However, the pop up top colors just above the fold will add some personality to your pocket.

10 Best Wallets for Men in Summary

  • Herschel Leather Wallets – Nice looking with lots of color options
  • Mulberry Leather Wallets – Mulberry leather works. Some of the best leather wallets from England
  • Levi’s Leather Wallets – Levi’s wallets are an affordable luxury. Style them with popular Levi jeans.
  • Fred Perry Leather Wallet – Fred Perry has an extensive collection of both canvas and leather pieces
  • Louis Vuitton Wallets – Genuine Louis Vuitton are a steal. Well worth every penny
  • Ralph Lauren Wallets – Just like Levi , are an affordable designer wallet
  • Comme des Garcons Wallets – Geometrically designer wallets, a style statement piece
  • P.C Wallets – A pouch wallet to suit in all your essentials. Keep it handy or wear around your neck.
  • Pierre Hardy Wallets – Makes use of high quality materials. A novelty looking wallet
  • Paul Smith – Simple essential holders with colorful top designs.

In Conclusion

Wallets are the most understated accessories for men. I consistently come across well-dressed guys pulling out tatty wallets and it beats me hollow. Why not step up your sartorial style buy investing in a quality wallet. Just as you give lots of thought to the belts and bag you use also give buying and wearing a quality wallet some thought. Just because your wallet aren’t visible to the public doesn’t mean you should keep using old fashioned and tatty wallets.

Allow this top 10 wallet article guide you to the most fashionable wallet pieces out there. Pick a style that suits your personal preferences and go for it.


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