The Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Shoe


Plimsolls are a staple fashion footwear for both men and women. The Superga 2750 cotu classic plimsoll is one of the most iconic designs in the market. Superga is a big brand famous for fashion wears and accessories.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Dark Bordeaux - Superga - Classic 2750 - Superga

Superga Sneakers

Superga has been in the business of making plimsolls for over 100 years so it’s safe to conclude that they at least know what they are doing. The cotu 2750 classic sneakers are a definitive fashion sportswear.  This is a casual trainer that is lightweight and breathable. The upper is attached to the vulcanized rubber sole. Although there is more technically fashionable sportswear out there the Superga 2750 cotu plimsolls are still very fashionable.

Ties, CDG, and Aesop. REPRESENT. I also love my Superga’s. See the camel blazer? It was recently stolen at The Soho House in New York. If you have it, plea

The White Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers

White sneakers are a steal with casual wears any day anytime.  They are very pretty and can spice up a jeans outfit combo with some sophistication. If you are in the market for a white sneaker, look no further than the Superga white sneaker. They work best during the summer season as your favorite go-to tennis shoe.

Superga. Win.

Wear the Superga white sneaker with an oxford shirt on dark chinos to those summer party invites. This combination will give you the sharp contrast that works so well to accentuate your white sneakers.

Superga – Castel Romano Designer Outlet, Roma | The Sneaker Style

Black Superga 2750 Classic Sneaker

If you are not into white for reasons best known to you opt for a black sneaker. White can be incredibly hard to maintain and clean. You definitely don’t want to be seen in dirty trainers. Black trainers are easy to clean and can withstand more dirt before visibly looking dirty.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic

Pair the black Superga with joggers, dark blue jeans or chinos all in the same color for a classic fit. This style creates a form of uniformity with the sneakers that is simply classic. You can go monochrome by using a white t-shirt or more darling with a bold printed hoodie.

The Navy Colored Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

If you feel white and black are too traditional for you opt for a blue or navy Superga sneaker. Navy is a very good alternative to black and can quickly help you miss things up a bit.

Pair with a light jacket and tapered skinny jeans to create a casual silhouette. Neutralize things with a white layered tee and accessorize with a fedora hat for men and some nice looking Nike sunglasses.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Grey Sneaker

Grey sneakers are a nice middle ground color between white and black. They can help to put a monochrome outfit in order. Although they aren’t too stylish and offer less sophistication they can still add some refinement to a casual outfit.

For a standard look try combining them with smart chinos. As usual layer the upper half with a standard oxford shirt and bomber jacket. Using a dark overcoat during the winter season can add the much-needed sophistication.  Accessorize with a grey hat to help make a connection with the sneaker color.

Superga 2750 Leather Trainers

Lastly, the leather Superga 2750 sneakers. Give them a try if all the colors discussed above don’t appeal to your sensibilities. If you want to use the Superga sneakers with a formal or smart casual outfit your best option should be with the leather variant. Leather Superga are the closest options to smart wears all other color options discussed will keep things casual.

Superga COTU 2750 Leather Sneakers

Use a pair of tapered suit pants or tan chinos with a white dress shirt for a nice smart casual feel. Use a leather watch to keep things in tone with the leather sneakers and you’d be ready for work. Layering up with a sports jacket or blazers will smarten the outfit further.

Little History of Superga

The brand name Superga started in the small town of Torino in 1911 by Walter Martini. They started out making rubber-soled tennis shoes before branching to other sports shoes. In 1925 they historically crafted the Superga cotu that immediately placed the company as a force to be reckoned with in international markets.

It’s technologically advanced vulcanized rubber sole caught the eyes of many. The vulcanized rubber sole made the shoes more durable than most competitors and placed the 2750 cotu as one of the most iconic plimsolls of all time.

How to Wear the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers

Superga 2750

  • White Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers: White is a timeless Classic and will look great in any casual outfit
  • Black Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers: Pair seamlessly with dark chinos or jeans and a white button-down shirt. Use a jacket and accessorize properly
  • Navy Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers: Use Navy or blue if you are not comfortable with the traditional colors of white and black.
  • Grey Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers: Grey is a subtle color with lesser sophistication. Accessorize properly with same colors to create a connection with the shoes.
  • Leather Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers: Leather is your best option if a smart casual look is what you are after.

In Conclusion

The Superga Cotu 2750 is a timeless classic for men’s footwear.  The Superga Cotu remains the most popular and stylish of all Superga sports footwear.  They blend in nicely whether for a night out with friends or a party.


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