Jewelry Men Should Wear

If you still think wearing jewelry is meant for women only, then, in all honesty, you must be living under a rock, lol.  The men’s jewelry industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that keeps growing year in year out.

No offense to any religious affiliation but in my opinion looking good is good business. Maybe you just don’t know how to wear them or you are confused what kind of jewelry to buy for men, in that case, thanks to this handy guide, at the end of it you will be well informed of the choicest jewelry that works well with men’s attire. Read on

Jewelries for Men

Let’s face it, one aspect of menswear most men struggle with is how to properly accessorize pieces of jewelry. How do you blend in your jewelry with the proper clothes? When should you use an earring or a waistband? Is it even right for a man to use earrings, isn’t that meant for women only?

Using the right jewelry with your outfit is one area most men fall short. They fall terribly short of the right pieces of jewelry to combine with their dress code.

The jewelry men should wear ought to me a lot less flashy than what women wear. Men should use jewelry in a lot more subtle way than what women do although we both use them to accessorize and add a little element to our outfits.

Men’s Watches

Watches are one of the easiest jewelry accessories to style. They are very functional and practical pieces to own. They go beyond just telling time, they are a statement piece, a style essential and a compulsory accessory for the contemporary gent. If you are just starting out you might be forgiven if you use lesser quality watches but when you come of age a serious sense of sophistication with a high-quality watch is needed.

Take out the time needed to consider what you wear on your wrist. Although you will find huge quality with expensive watches you might however not need a very expensive watch to make a style statement. Draw some inspiration from the photo grid below on how to wear a nice leather watch effectively.

Opt for simple and stylish watches that can match a variety of outfits. The monochrome nature of most watches means that they will definitely go down well with most dress combinations.

Men’s Necklace

The next most important jewelry for men outside the classic watch is the necklace. They are the next easily styled pieces of jewelry men can wear. Although necklaces are more of a lady’s thing sartorial gents can still rock them effortlessly howbeit in a much more subtle fashion.

Simple changes like the chain type and the length can make them more masculine. Stays clear from gold colored chains as they will draw too much attention rather opt for the more subtle variant “Silver”.

There are fashion houses that specialize in jewelry and I am sure you will find one that fits you perfectly. The best way to style a quality necklace is to wear them with a plain t-shirt as part of a simple or sophisticated outfit.  With the bling touch that comes from using a good necklace, you might have just succeeded in adding a dimension of class to your overall outfit. Pendants will work well too as long as they look really good when layered.

What kind of Bracelet Should Men Use

Bracelets are an excellent jewelry accessory for men. In all honesty with bracelets things can be a little tricky. What worked one year ago might be obsolete by today’s standard.

What kind of bracelet are we allowed to style today?

One rule to follow is to match the color of your bracelet with your watch even if you wear them on the same arm. Try to follow this rule and you will avoid a major pitfall. The look created by properly matching the color of your brace to your watch is simplistic and not overly complicated like match mixing gold tone watch with silver bracelets.

Bangles in plain colors will do. Look to this photo grid for style inspiration. See how properly put together they all look

Men’s Hand Rings

Accessorizing with rings are a nice idea. Your guess is as good as mine, most jewelry brands are cashing in on the classic rings trend. The number of rings you wear and on what fingers you choose to wear them is strictly based on personal preferences.

If you choose to use a signet it’s completely up to you. If you blend them with a bracelet and a watch, well try to keep it simple.  If you are new to wearing rings as an accessory please keep things simple at first by wearing just one.

The color of the ring you wear should match those of your bracelet for best results. Some brands do sell sets that come with rings and bracelets. If I where you I’d prefer those than buying them separately.

The material and quality of the ring are of ought most importance so you will do well to give it some thought.

Cheap rings and bracelet can give you a rash so avoid them like a plague.


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