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In this article we will review one of the fastest growing fashion outfits in London “Ted Baker”.  How far has this brand come, what’s their history and philosophy? If you had a few bucks to spend on a quality shoe, would you consider buying a Ted Baker shoe?  If your answer is no, why won’t you? If your answer is yes, what has fuelled that positive decision towards the brand?

Hopefully, at the end of this review of Ted Baker shoes for men some of the questions raised might have been answered. If a dark cloud still surrounds your indecision then you might be safer going for a more recognized brand in the States like Allen Edmonds or Alden.


History Intro: Who is Ted Baker?

Ted Baker is a fashion designer from London and it is rumored that he got his inspiration of a worldwide brand in 1879 while fishing. He opened his first storefront in Glasgow London and has since opened various standalone stores in UK and US and a major presence in big time departmental style. There is something so unique about the Ted brand that attracts customers to it. Whether it’s the personality he puts or the unique attention to details remains a misery. A focal point to how he personalizes his business is the laundry services he offered back in the days for every Ted Baker shirt sold.

Till date the Ted Baker brand remains the only brand to be built into an international label without an advertising Campaign.

This absolutely blows my mind, an international brand without active advertising campaigns. How then did they get things running, hitting targets and declaring millions of pounds in net profit yearly? They must have done something right.

Today Ted Baker operates under the label “No Ordinary Designer Label” and has long expanded worldwide. They produce and market a wide range of fashion accessories and clothes for both men and women. These include: watches, shoes, Endurance, Fragrance, Eyewear, Langley and a host of other fashion attires.

Worldwide, they ship to over 200 countries including areas like Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Company Details

Founder : Ted Baker

Founded: 1988, at Glasgow , UK

CEO: Ray Kelvin, 1988 still date

Revenue as at 2015: £387.6 million/ Operating Income: £49.8 million/ Net Profit: £35.9 million

Web Address: www.tedbaker.com

Customer Service: +1 619-331-9553

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Ted Baker Oxfords Shoe Inspiration


Ted Baker Boot Inspiration



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