Tag Heuer Formula One Black Dial Watch Simple Review

Since 1860, the legendary named brand – Tag Heuer – has been known for the manufacturing of luxurious watches with impeccable precision. Having reached the upper cadre of Swiss finest watch making, there is still much focus on the production of timepieces with exceptional quality and impressive design that stirs up ones passion to get two (2) or more at a time. The brand combines Swiss craftsmanship with latest technology, chronograph, sports, aesthetics with reliable and luxurious materials that are carefully packed to meet the present and future needs of the global world

Uniqueness : Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Black dial Watch

Much details on the pleasant designed features of tag heuer men’s watch are given for your consumption below.

Technical Specifications

The formula 1 series chronograph watch is of the tag Heuer brand with CAU1114. FT6024 model for men. It has a Quartz movement, 42mm (diameter) and 11.5mm case thickness on a round solid case (back). The bezel is fixed with Black titanium carbide-coated with Tachymetre, analog dial type, screw down crown and scratch Resistance sapphire Crystal. It also has stop watch function (chronograph), sections markers, water resistant ability of 200 metres/660 feet, calendar display function at 4 O’ clock position and minimum of 2 years warranty.

Special Designed Features and Explanations

The Tag Heur men’s formula 1 Black dial watch is characterized with the following impressive features; Quartz movement, Black dial, black rubber strap, chronograph feature, water resistant to 660ft (200m) which is very suitable for recreational scuba driving.

Special Mechanism of Quartz Movement

Men’s formula 1 Black dial watch is carefully designed with an impressive quartz movement which keeps time with an extreme level of reliability having its power supply from the battery which interacts with its crystal. Giving it the name, “Quartz Movement,” resulting from the oscillation of the battery crystal through the influence of electricity on it.  Consequently, it vibrates and propels a step motor which initiates the movement of the watch hand constantly in order to maintain accuracy of the time within  0.5 – 2secs lose daily (in approximation).
Howbeit, Quartz movement is of minimal cost at the manufacturing and consuming ends. More so, the crystal is pretty and scratch resistant.


Black Dial/Bezel

Surprisingly, the black on black dial and hands (respectively) of the men’s formula 1, Black dial watch are perfectly exquisite and amazing with an impressive tachymeter which makes it completely outstanding due the presence of a fixed black titanium bezel coated with carbide.

Strap Type and Color 

Men’s formula 1 CAU1114. FT6024 black strap watch is of high class and majorly of unique pleasant components.  It has a black designed rubber strap which is durable, comfortable, replaceable, easy to  adjust and of less weight with an overall pretty appearance desired by many.

Chronograph Features  

The chronograph feature makes the men’s CAU1114. FT6024 formula 1 watch pretty impressive. The chronographs have three (3) sub-dials: the small middle marker (counts the 10th  of a second), the red-tipped large hand (counts the seconds) while the top left hand counts minutes (up to 30 minutes) possessing scratch resistant crystals, screw down crown and solid case back.
Most interesting is that the function of the chronograph coupled with the invention of the trachymeter makes it very useful for pilots and astronauts to take flight. More so, it can perform functions such as car or bike race timer, measurement of baby’s heartbeat, calculating a driver’s oxygen level or realigning  a space shuttle 200,000 miles form earth even on your wrist.

Water Resistance

The Tag Heuer men’s watch is very suitable for recreational scuba diving due to its water resistant power even at 200 metres/660 feets

Size of the Watch and Fitness

The men’s CAU1114-FF6024 Formula 1 watch has its size specifications as: diameter 42mm, case thickness 11.5mm, band length 9 inches, and band width 22.9mm.

Due to the well defined measurement parameters,  it fits to an average wrist, it has an adjustable band which is light weight.

Functionality of Men’s Formula I Black Dial Watch

Practically, the men’s Formula I Black Dial watch has various users apart from just reading time. These include timing during scruba driving/bike race, taking flight miles from earth measuring a child’s heartbeat and driver’s oxygen level to mention but a few.
The chronograph, and fixed bezel-trachymeter features improves the functionality and the uniqueness of the watch, making it possible to measure distance based on speed. This is very significant to the pilots and astronauts (during air travel) due to the ability to time, a critical engine burn even when all available computers (on board) fail; and calculate re-entry, re-aligning of capsule into earth to ensure a safe splash down. This function, was what saved Apollo 13’s three (3) astronauts and capsule spaceship on April 17, 1970.

Price Review

The following are the prices of Tag Heuer men’s Formula I Black Dial Watch in on-line stores.
Online Store
Price as @ July 2015
Appx $1,205.00 ($2,050.00 before)
Ebay (Aution)
Appx $1,337.00
Appx $1,868.25 ($2,150.00)

Comparison with  Carrera Automatic Chronograph Day-Date Watch

In comparison with watches of similar price (both less expensive and more expensive ones), the men’s CAU1114.FT6024 . Formular I watch is found to possess some unique features and high performance which make it outstanding and price justified.
These unique features include ability to resist water to 660feet (200m) unlike men’s CV2A10.FC-6235 Canrevawatch which is just 100m water resistant, possession of an expensive durable sapphire crystal, stop-watch (chronograph) performance, time titanium coated dial, calendar display at 4’ O clock, perfect timing ability, etc.  Due to this perfect technical design, it is very useful for racers, pilots, astronauts, workmen, for causal use, etc. This model is recognized for extreme precision with a great sense of heritage, sport and style.


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