The Tag Heuer brand has remained one of the biggest and reliable high-end wrist watch brand since the 19th century, with the incorporation of technology breakthroughs, heritage, prestige, high performance, improved appearance and sport elements into their watches.
These arise from the ‘know-how’ magnitude and expertise of their competent staffs being able to employ creativity and innovation in initiating uniqueness in their luxury collections. This innovation is clearly seen in the Tag Heuer carrera automatic chronograph day date watch. These altogether make the brand to be known for a high Swiss superior quality and internationally recognized for style and extreme precision.
What Makes this Watch Outstanding?
The impressiveness of men’s CV2A10.FC 6235 is drawn out from its incredible masculine styling with great usefulness to motor racers.
The Tag Heuer chronograph Day-Date watch has three chronographs which is highly powered by a high-technology automatic movement, consisting of a stainless steel case (43mm), black-toned bezel and a trachymeter scale with three pushers at the right side of the case: one (1) accounted crown and two (2) projecting pushers, which control the conspicuous black dial (designed with Arabic numerals) minute markers.
Sapphire crystal protects the dial and makes it resistant to scratch it equally has a window which shows the date at the position 3 O’ Clock together with corresponding stitching black leather bracelet which guarantees the secure placement of the watch to the wrist.
tag heuer day date watch

Technical Design Features

The men’s CV2A10. FC6235 Carrera automatic watch is technically designed to resist water even at 330ft (100m). The water-resistant ability makes that watch reliable for snorkeling and swimming.
Resistance to ageing is another redesigned ability of the men’s Carrera automatic chronograph watch.  It is not vulnerable to heat and light from the Tag Heuer quality laboratory test that was carried on it.
Its components has been tested and verified to resist extreme temperature (particularly in tropical conditions) to ensure their correctness after long period  of heat.
The Tag Heuer chronograph Day – Date watch is technically designed to stand the adverse effects of chemical/external environment. It can withstand chlorine, sulfur, perspiration and sea salt attack due to the watch materials being able to reduce the mobility of certain components. Tests have been carried out on the bracelets, metal, crowns and cases to verify their resistant potentials.
Additionally, it is resistant to traction. That is, resistance to wear and tear due to pulling of and wearing process. Tag Heuer designed the leather strap to a traction of 15-20Kg over 5,000 cycles even by twisting under tension.
It shows resistance to vibration when in a car, on a mountain bike or on a motor-bike. The robustness, integrity and precision of the men’s CV2A10-FC6235 has been tested and guaranteed.
Resistance to shock and friction is equally shown by this unique watch. It has been carefully produced to overcome mechanical damage as acceleration wear tear tests were also carried on the machine, case and bracelets – This is new in watch making.

It has been carefully designed with an automatic movement, stainless steel case covered with black PVD aluminium bezol. Black dial (with hours, minutes and seconds chronograph), day – date with a tachymeter. It has a black leather strap and possess water resistance ability to 330ft (100m).

Movement Mechanism of Tag Heuer Carrera Watch

Tag Heuer used a very generic and long-standing E.T. automatic movement for the –Carrera CV2A10-FC4235 chronograph watch so that even after a great fall, its repair (if at all, would not be daunting).
The Automatic Swiss madewatch, Tag Heuer caliber 16 automatic collection is of the diameter 30.4mm (13 ¼ m) – 25 rubies with rapid day and day collection.  It has three chronograph which moves to display hours – minutes – small seconds at 9 ‘O clock with positioned chronograph hours – minute counters central seconds counter, and day-and-date window.
Its movement (automatic) balances frequency at 28, 800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) with power reserve of about 42hrs

Functionality : Tag Heuer Chronograph Day-Date Watch

Been deduced from the feature-, the functionality is quite impressive, just perfect;
The Tracymeter Scale on Bezel Feature showed an indication of the average speed of a car, by illustration, trying to measure the time taken to travel a particular distance in kilometer or mile unit. This function makes it interestingly sporty (such as racing).
  • Distinctive day and date display
  • Reliable simple and additional time measurement;
  • Water resistance to 100m (i.e. 330 feet). Superb to swimmers.
  • Display of central chrono seconds and/or perform stop watch function.
The Men’s carrera automatic chronograph watch is worn for the performance of great tasks during professional and leisure sporting activities as well as for everyday use.

Size and Fitness of the Men’s CV2A10.FC6235 Watch

It is a moderately big faced watch, perfectly designed with fit.  The stainless steel metal face is 43mm with a commensurate length of black alligator strap.  This makes the Day/Date and second counter easily seen.
The adjustable black strap makes it very easy to choose your fit. Neither plus nor minus one link, no jeweler required. You can adjust it anytime in seconds. It is comfortable and satisfactory.

General Appearance

It has the following appearance characterize the men’s CV2A10 –FC6235 Automatic Watch. Beautiful stainless steel case, black PVD aluminium bezel, black dial and black leather strap (alligator type).
Generally, it is of exquisite beauty and one desires to take a second look after the first sight of it. It is that awesome.

Price Review of the Watch

Below are the reviewed prices of men’s CV2A10.FC6235 in online stores.

Amazon     $3,000.00   (formerly $4,050.00) you save $1,950.00
Walmart    $3,604.00 (formerly $4,450.00). you save $846.00
A close look reveals that the prices between the two (2) online stores are within range and the slice of percentage is at the discretion of the individual store. It is not fixed.  The current price makes it extremely worth it.

Comparing the Watch

Though they are both men’s watches from the prominent Tag Heuer brand, but there are distinguishing factors existing between both.  These therefore create their uniqueness especially the men Carrera CV2A10.FC6235 Carrera watch.

Apart from having similar brand, both are luxurious high-end watches, with chronograph, and date functions. More so, they both have black dial, black strap with a great sense of style.
From a different perspective, the men’s CV210. FC6235 Carrera Automatic Day-Date watch possesses some additional features and uniqueness that make it distinctive both in price and quality from the Tag Heuer CAU1114. FT6024 Formula I Black Dial, Black Strap Chronograph watch.  Slight differences include : 
  • Possession of an automatic movement unlike the quart-driven movement of CAU1114.FT6024
  • Day (and date) display function/window which is stylishly positioned and easily seen unlike the men’s CAU1114-FT6024formula I watch which lacks day display function. This is why the Tag Heuer CV2A10.FC6235 men’s watch is called a “Day-Date” watch
  • Durable and lustrous long-lasting water resistant stainless steel case with an expensive black P & D aluminium bezel, unlike the men’s CAU11114-FT6024 Formula I watch which has round solid case with black titanium carbide coated bezel.
  • Strap is of the higher quality – leather (the alligator type) unlike the rubber type strap of the other model.
  • Presence of sapphire crystal which is very strong (durable) and most expensive. It helps to resist harsh conditions such as protecting the dial from scratch etc.


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