Types of T-shirts Available in Stores for men


A little Guide to Basic T-Shirts for men

A T-shirt (or tee shirt) is a style of fabric shirt (a shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body). Named after the T shape of the body and sleeves. Basic t-shirts are mostly made from cotton fibers knitted in a jersey stitch that has a distinctive soft texture compare to woven shirts.

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T-shirts evolved from the undergarments used in the 19th century for advertisement. Most people adorn them because they are stylish. They easily fit in with most clothing and are a staple wear in anyone’s wardrobe.

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T-shirts were originally worn as undershirts but now they can be worn as the only piece of clothing on the body. They are a medium of self-expression and advertisements with numerous artistic combination of words and graphics display.

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A t-shirt that is tight to the body is called a fitted shirt is arguably the most popular piece of clothing in the world, whether they are plain white, screen printed or personalized.

However,  the casual nature of t-shirts is what makes them so popular and timeless with their elegant look when worn on the body. Available in innumerable colors t-shirts are the most comfortable kind of clothes ever. Use them around the house, a late night out to the pub or even at a casual party beside a pool.

T-shirts can be categorized in many ways.

By sleeve length

  • Sleeveless
  • Full sleeves
  • Half sleeves
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By neck shape

  • Round neck
  • V-neck
  • Henley
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By collar

  • Round collar
  • Polo
  • Hybrid
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T-shirt comes in various size and always go for the appropriate size and length.

Tips to Purchasing the Right T-Shirt

  1. Full sleeves t-shirts are the best option for cooler climates. Wear them seldom in hot climates because they are very uncomfortable.
  2. Choose a loose fitted or regular fitted shirts for a universal appeal
  3. You can choose to buy tight fitted printed t-shirts, but it needs to be in good shape to look perfect in them.
  4. Half or full sleeved pub shirts are the best for semi-formal parties or for a day out with friends, they look formal and make you fit in any kind of occasion or event.


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