Styling Boat Shoes in Summer


The Best Ways to Style Boat Shoes in Summer

In this short guide, we will teach how to make the best use of boat shoes so you always stay trendy and fashionable. Clear out the old plimsolls, switch up the flipflops and get ready to take your style game to the next level.

During the summer most people stick with white and black trainers, thereby limiting their options. Boat shoes are a great addition to any wardrobe because of the versatility they bring. They have the comfort of trainers, the style of regular brogues and the versatility of popular plimsolls. This is why they are a staple footwear for men. Every man needs a couple of these easy wears for the summer months.

Popularly called deck shoes because of their rich history, they can be worn with a lot of outfits and styled in very many ways. Here are the very best ways you can style boat shoes:

Casual Summer Outfits with Boat Shoes

Keeping things casual during the summer months is very necessary because of the heat wave that is associated with the season. Most people prefer clothing that isn’t too complicated with lesser layering. Boat shoes can help elevate a simplistic summer outfit by bridging the gap between versatility and comfort. Pair with slim fit jeans and a T-shirt and you are good to go. Avoid bold prints that can steal attention away from the boat shoes.

Men street style summer fashion for men brought to you by Tom Maslanka

It’s our recommendation to stick with blue or white basic tee to keep things casual.

Smart-Casual Outfit with Boat Shoes

Smart-Casual dress combos are the hardest to pull off. Outside using trainers and sneakers to make it work, boat shoes are the perfect footwear to nail the dreaded smart-casual attire. Boat shoes with their unique designs have helped bridge the gap between appearing too casual and appearing too smart. If wearing chinos is your thing, then you definitely need boat shoes.

For starters, pair a blue boat shoe with slim cut chinos and a plain button down t-shirt. Smart looking straight or slim jeans can also serve the same purpose. The trick is to add something smart with something casual while the boat shoes serve as an added element of neutrality. Some say boat shoes with jeans are a risky thing to do and that boat shoes were made for Chinos but it has been my experience that using the right shirt can pull the outfit all together.  If you want to add an extra element of smartness throw in a navy colored blazer. Try to undo the buttons for a relaxed look.

Smart outfits with Boat Shoes

Paring boat shoes with smart dresses like suits are quite easy to pull off. Just remember not to wear them with socks; we need the fashion police off our backs. Don’t we? If you must use socks, opt for no-show socks that cover only half the foot. Boat shoes with socks are always a no-no in this modern era. If you can keep this rule then go ahead to wear boat shoes the way you want them with smart outfits.

Styling the NAVY BLAZER in summer. White jeans a braided beltpaired with tan Sperry boat shoes exudes a maritime vibe. A light-weight chambrayfabric will keep you cool. Next you can throw on aviators and a striped nato strapped watch because its summer after all. Finallyfinish the simple in summer look off with a sliver of white pocket square for that subtle attention to detail that really makes all the difference. For more on the navy blazer and ways to style it in every season check out the article (Link in Bio)

Wearing Boat Shoes with Shorts

Shorts are a key staple summer wear for men and women. It’s no surprise that boat shoes with shorts are a perfect combination for summer. Light and tan boat shoes are a good option for numerous short styles (Pleated and straight). You will look awkward if you throw in a sock with this outfit. Leave them out as having a gap between the boat shoes and the shorts is acceptable.

The length of the short should just rest above the knee region and must be of a slim fit. Popular shorts like denim or chinos shorts are best. Wear with a T-shirt or a patterned short sleeves for that effortless yet stylish summer look.

Where to find the Best Boat Shoes

With our help at, we can help you locate the best boat shoes for your summer outfits. The trick is to go for boat shoes with neutral colors so they can be paired with most of your summer clothes and shorts. The most popular is tan and Navy colored boat shoes. Any color outside this can be risky and you need to be a real dress pro to pull brighter colors off. I’d advise that you stick with boat shoes with smaller soles. Smaller or soft sole shoes can easily pair in nicely with casual and formal attire.

Summer Boat Shoes Outfit Combination in a Nutshell

  • For smart-casual attires, boat shoes are next to trainers and sneakers.
  • Use a boat shoe with a light colored suit for formal occasions during summer.
  • Never use boat shoes with socks that show. They don’t mix up well.

Final Words

Invest wisely in a couple of boat shoes. They will pay in spades in the long run. Get a couple of shorts and some nice summer t-shirts to match it up. Dress up with the boat shoes in mind and find accompanying clothes to match them. Let us know what you think about this guide and if you have any boat shoe dress combo, just drop them in the comments section.


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