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Follow these easy and fashionable tips on knowing exactly how to dress to a bar. Whether you are visiting a clubhouse a lounge or a local pub, it’s essential that you have the requisite skills for what to wear to a bar. Honestly, the options are limitless; this handy guide will guide you through it all. It’s by no means an exhaustive guide but it’s a start.

What Clothes should men wear to a bar?

Wearing clothes to a bar depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the present season, winter or summer. During winter you would want to layer up with jackets and coats. Please read our guide of how to layer clothing for more advice. One basic rule is to make sure each layer level can stand on its own and still look good. Having said that, once you are at the bar you can easily take off the warm clothing to reveal simpler clothing. Throw in a quality scarf to liven things a bit.

Flannel shirt layered under jacket is a nice subtle touch

How to Dress at Bar

Looking smart at the bar can help you pass a message of class across the table. So there is no problem with wanting to look a little smart at the bar. Just don’t go overboard with it. Easy options include using a good polo t-shirt or a well fitted button-down shirt. As we all know popping into a bar for most guys is a 17:59 event, the popular after office, after work event so good dress etiquette demands that you ditch the tie.

men smart casual outfit street style

If you plan to visit a bar after work hours opt for a blue or navy suit over a black suit. For me, wearing a black suit to a bar might just be a little too formal for the occasion. That’s not to say you can’t use them, sometimes the lightings can actually compliment a black suit.

Men’s Bar Style Attire

A classic pair of black jeans on navy suit is the ultimate bar smart-casual look. It’s the yardstick onto which all other bar wears must be compared, lol. You should always look to put on a smart-casual outfit that can easily be worn at the office and seamlessly transit them to bar attires. Pair out your black jeans with a nice penny loafer and a well-structured mandarin collar shirt.

Business casual with sun glass.

Going to the Lounge bar – What to wear

Going to a lounge bar might require something different. Here comfort is of a priority. Opt for good looking trainers rather than a penny loafer, a nice leather jacket and a light wash skinny jeans and you will be up to a winner. To finish off the look use a quality t-shirt or bumper underneath the jacket and you are good to go.

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Night Bar Outfitting Ideas

Fortunately, night style outfits for men are not as complex as that for women. For the male gender, things aren’t as complicated. Buy a couple of shirts if you think this lifestyle might be a frequent thing for you. Look for shirts and pants that fit properly and suit your shape. Dark shaded clothes work wonders at night so if I where you I would look to navy, dark grey, and black.

Vogue's Violet Henderson unravels the allure of London’s beau monde

One thing you should also put into consideration is the place you are spending the night out. This knowledge can help you get prepared forehand. Wear something smart if you envisage that you will be stopping out for a few drinks at the club afterward.

For night outs, you will hardly go wrong with classic oxford shirts. Combined with slim cut jeans and you are all set. This combo is smart and effective.

What are the Best Bar Outfits?

There is no such thing as the best bar outfits. What works nicely for one person might look horrible on another. The best we can do is come up with ideas and advice to help you along the line. Finding your best bar outfit 95 percent of the time is based on your personal preferences. We show you what’s working well for others to give you some confidence to try out your own style.

Mix up some casual attire with smarter ones to spruce things up. If you envisage you’re going to be up all night its best to use trainers. This, on the other hand, depends on the club and how smart you need to be.

Play around with the shoe styles listed below to find your personal style. Leather trainers and colorful Vans are a good option. They work very well with most outfits. For a more dressier approach, loafers, boots and certain formal shoes are cool.

Best men’s Bar Shirts

Browse below for the best men’s bar shirts available in online stores now. Do not settle for that worn out, beaten down shirt you always wear on Saturdays. Get a hold on contemporary fashion to boost your confidence.

What to wear to Bar in a Nutshell

Breckenridge best bars - Apres ski - Happy hour - Late Night

  • Take into consideration the season and the place you intend to visit. Determine the level of smartness required and act accordingly.
  • Leather trainers work well if you will be staying up all night at the bar.
  • Leave out the all-black combo; this is not a funeral service.
  • Classic oxford shirts are the best. Get a couple of them.

In Conclusion

This guide as we have said earlier is not an exhaustive list of what to wear to a bar. The combination is limitless but this guide should give you an idea of what’s attainable at night outs. Work out your own style with confidence to nail the contemporary bar smart-casual look that most ladies love. Thank me later, lol.


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