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Sterkowski – Hats And Caps

Sterkowski Hats And Caps

Hats and caps are some of the accessories that enhance the style of an entire outfit. Some people specifically wear hats and caps as a signature item. Sterkowski is a top brand that offers high-quality hats and caps. Here is a guide to help you look good in a hat or cap from Sterkowski;

  • Choose a hat that suits the season

Consider the current season before you pick a hat or a cap. Go for wool or felt hats that will match the cold weather. If you want to pick a hat for summer,  go for straw hats, which should be light enough. Such hats will not make you sweat too much since they offer good ventilation and you don’t have to take off the hat. Felt, or wool hats may also be used as head warmers.

fur felt hats and clothes

  • Does it fit?

Sterkowski hats and caps come in different sizes. You want to choose a hat that perfectly fits your head. First, measure the circumference of your head and match them with sizing guides before you buy hats online. Nonetheless, when you are visiting the store in person, you try the hat on your head choosing does that fit in properly.

  • Men or Women’s Hat?

Some hats are specifically designed for women, so you will want to choose them wisely. Ensure that you consider the design of the hat to determine if it is a ladies hat or a hat for men. If you have a problem identifying the hat, you can ask a professional to help you out.

hats for women

  • The length of the hair

Some hats are specifically designed for short hair while others are designed for longer hair. A hat that is close fitting will go well with shorter hair. On the contrary, a hat that is floppy with a wide brim will go well for long hair. Nonetheless, this will vary with regard to the preference of the person that needs to wear it.

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  • The Tilt

how to tilt your hat

How you tilt the hat will determine how good the hat will look. Some hats will look good when you wear them low over the eyebrows. On the other hand, there are some that should be tilted on the head to look good. Whichever the case, always ensure that you choose the hat wisely. You might want to try out different angles to make the hat look great.3299-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Matteo-Gioli-Pitti-Uomo-Florence-Italy-Fall-Winter-2013-2014_AKS0513

  • The Color

If you want to buy a single hat, opt for a neutral color. The neutral color will match with different outfits in your wardrobe. Nonetheless, if you want to choose more than one Sterkowski hat, you will consider the clothes that you already have. For a black hat, it is classic and will also go well with several outfits. Gray, camel, or tan colors are great choices of a neutral color. However, deep red or burnt orange can help to draw more attention.

  • Does it match?

Size and the color aside, the most determining factor is whether the hat will match or not. It isn’t about matching the hat exactly with your outfit. Rather, the style of the hat should flow with that of the clothes that you are wearing. If you are going for a felt fedora, you can be sure of wearing it with a range of clothes. A cap, like a flat or a baseball cap, will go well with casual attire.

If you choose to buy or wear a Sterkowski hat,  ensure that you choose them wisely. Also, ensure that you choose a style and color that will match your outfit. Always match the cap or hat with the clothes that you are wearing. If you have issues finding the right cap, browse through photos on the internet to have an idea of what hat is worn with which clothes.


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