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Contemporary Scarve Fashion for men

This is a long, sometimes a broad strip of cloth worn about the neck, shoulders, or head for warmth or style. Scarves are basically a rectangular piece of fabric. Men scarves have been in existence for a long period of time. Earlier they were used by military aviators because they provided protection from inclement weather.

winter scarves for men

Scarves protect a man’s neck- which is one of those body parts most exposed to elements. A scarf is one of those accessories that can instantly spice up a simple attire or outfit, no matter how bland or dull your outfit may look a right scarf can introduce flair and color to it. Scarves can be paired with a peacoat and casual jacket.

Just keep everything simple and wear the scarf with confidence.

A scarf is a piece that is in the fashion world and known more for fashion than its usefulness. Scarves are made from the finest material that is lightweight, comfortable and luxurious. There are designer’s scarves available that can also help complement your outfit.

Cardigans and scarves.

In addition to creating or bringing out your own style when it comes to wearing a scarf, you can add splashes of your own color, to promote a professional image and more when you decide to wear, one of those high-quality scarves. Gorgeous looking scarves with beautiful designer patterns always have superior quality and are always in use, never go out of fashion or out of style.

Bestseller No. 1
Scarfand's Plaid & Tartan Infinity Scarf (Infinity Plaid Navy)
  • 100% Polyester | Thin Fabric
  • The fabric is thin and translucent, allowing some light to shine through.
  • Loop Circumference: 68"
  • Width: 34"
Bestseller No. 2
Love Lakeside-Women's Cashmere Feel Winter Solid Color Scarf Red
  • Add color to your sweaters, vests & outerwear
  • Classic style
  • So soft to the touch
  • 65 inches long by 12 inches wide with 31/2 inch string fringe, 100% Viscose
Bestseller No. 3
Beechfield Varsity Unisex Winter Scarf (Double Layer Knit) (One Size) (Burgundy/Gold)
  • Luxurious double layer knit.
  • Classic colour combinations.
  • Tassel trim.
  • Fabric: 100% Soft-Touch Acrylic Dimensions: 182 x 18cm.
  • One Size

Scarves have become so popular that you can pretty much walk into any clothing store and find scarves in all colors and different fabrics.

Scarves are made from cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, acrylic and polyesters and linen, it is mostly made from wool or acrylic and linen. Cotton and silk are the most breathable fabrics and they are soft; silk can be added when making the scarf to give it a nice shine, and also silk is a great insulator cashmere can also be used because it is soft and lightweight.

Item Type: Scarves Department Name: Adult Style: Fashion Pattern Type: Solid Material: Acrylic,Cashmere,Wool Scarves Type: Scarf Gender: Men Model Number: WJ007 Scarves Length: >175cm Brand Name: URGENTMAN Style: Fashion knitted cashmere scarves Size: 70cm*200cm Big And Long Scarf Weight: 270g

Scarves are not just accessory that helps you to stay warm, you can also make use of the item in a great way to redefine your fashion senses, with this (scarves) you can turn boring and outdated outfit or clothing into updates and fresh one.

Handmade and Synthetic Scarves

Scarves are of various types, some are synthetic while some are handmade, people prefer handmade scarves because they assure quality and original materials. The handmade materials include (silk, cotton, linen, cashmere) which you can wear with various outfits or clothes.

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How to wear a Scarf

Scarves are available in various styles, which you can use in complementing your outfit. People wear a scarf for various reasons which include fashion, cleanliness, warmth, health issues and custom.

A scarf can be worn in various ways which include

  • It can be worn around the neck or simply drape it around the head, and it can be tied in various knots with this to give your style an all-new look.

Basic Rules to Follow in Choosing the Right Scarf

When choosing a scarf, choose the right one and tie it the right way, keep the scarf simple, and also it is important to choose comfort and function over fashion, and also depending on the length and thickness, there is a lot as numbers of knots you can tie the scarf into. Always remember that it’s a scarf and not a necktie. Hence keep the knot simple and loose.

Scarves are available in all shapes and sizes. They are also available in many designs for example there is a scarf called the Bandana scarf: It is a scarf which has the shape of a triangle or square. It is usually made of cotton and mostly worn by cowboys. It can be worn on the neck, head or as a ponytail wrap.

Infinity scarf: This is a type of neck scarf that forms a single circle without a beginning or an end. This piece of clothing is popular with people who don’t want to undergo the trouble of tying.

Silk scarves are made from cocoons of the mulberry silk worm. In most cases, the fabric silks are either matte or shiny.

The cotton fabric is ideal for summer.

Cashmere scarves are made from cashmere which is a type of wool that comes from the cashmere goat. The advantage of the cashmere fabric is that it is light in weight, soft and durable. It is ideal for winter.

Choosing the right length and width

Standard length is considered to be fashionable but the actual size of a scarf is proportionate to a person’s height. A taller person might look great in a longer scarf, other might need a short length scarf to look right in it. It is not fashionable for a scarf to hand down to the wearer’s knees, and also should not look like it was taken from a child.

Scarves are between 6 and 14 inches in length. Designer’s scarf can change the way the body is perceived by others. If you wear a scarf on the outside of an open outfit you may look slimmer and taller.

Choosing the color and patter

It may sound easy to choose the color of a scarf but it can rather be difficult, there are guidelines in choosing colors. Choose a scarf color that works for the current season or occasion scarf should match well with your remain complimentary without clashing.


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