Stepping out with Royal Blue Tuxedo

A man’s tuxedo suit and how he wears it says a lot about him. There is a school of thought that says there is nothing essentially male looking than a nicely worn tuxedo suit. A nice tux is well worth your investments. There is a mirage of reasons why that is so true. If you are a Gent without a good Tuxedo, something is missing in your wardrobe. Come to terms with it, they will never go out of style. Investing a few hundred bucks on a good tux is money well spent.

Everyone should have a black tuxedo, that’s the norm, but black is not the only option. Critic your imaginative process and allow your mind explore more trendy colors. Of course you will need a good bow tie, straight up pants trousers without the complexities of a cummerbund, and so on and so forth. One of such colors to explore is the royal blue tuxedo.

Best Royal Blue Tuxedo

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Weather you have thousands of dollars to spend on a tux or a few hundred bucks or you are on a budget, really doesn’t matter when it comes to getting a Tuxedo. Don’t get me wrong, quality is key but tailoring to fit is king. That holds true for suit prices. If you really want to look gorgeous on a royal blue tuxedo, better make sure it’s tailored to fit.   Any day, anytime I would rather be seen in a $159.99 tailored to fit suit than a $1,200.50 loose tuxedo.

You should decide what details in a suit appeals to you before going all out to get one. It’s pointless going after an alternative color only to abandon it afterwards. So what is it you want? If your mind is still beclouded by doubt, then by all means play it safe with what flatters every man.

Royal Blue Tuxedos: Good Alternate color to black

Under lighting conditions royal blue tuxedo color has more depth than a regular black tuxedo, giving you a richer look and feel. It’s quite popular among gents who know the worth of blue. They also blend seamlessly with major suiting details. Additionally the blue jacket in itself can be paired with other wears like a nice dress chinos and a casual button down shirt. If its versatility with separates you are shopping for in a tux, you can’t go wrong with a blue colored tux.

royal blue 1
royal blue 2
royal blue 3
royal blue 4
royal blue 5
royal blue 6

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For a perfect evening out with friends or a formal gathering a great steal with the blue tux is an indigo chambray dress shirt, powerful combo, I must confess. As long as you get the fitting right, you can also pair it with a casual black button down shirt for the perfect date out.

Grey colored suits and burgundy suits are also quite trendy these days. Just keep the detailing on a low key and fitting right.

A Little Twist to the Norm

Normalcy is what keeps us in the cage. Want took different yet stylish? Give the tuxedo jacket a day off. Yeah. You heard me right. Keep it for a while in your wardrobe, not too long to collect dust tho. Replace the tuxedo jacket with a slim fitted leather jacket. That’s it dude. A good looking leather jacket will make you look stunning. Trust me on this, lots of fashion savvy guys have caught up with this trend. Why not you? It’s a hybrid of been formal and casual at the same time.

Pay some attention to your tuxedo trousers too. Its easy to get carried away with the upper half and neglect the lower half. Tux trousers can be combined with a whole lot of other upper wears with varying colors. The trousers, even if made of wool can still be worn all year round. Blue tuxedo trousers will fit in well with a polo shirt, this can be the difference between a boring day and a fun filled day. You should check out our article on top 10 polo shirts for men.

Play with colors that complement each other and appeals to your taste. You could try a grey button down dress shirt with a black tuxedo or a combination of light blue with a deep blue tuxedo. I wear most of my tux trousers with a nice fitting polo shirt and it feels good on me. I break the rules with style because I know them but if you don’t know the rules stick with the regular materials, lapels and bow tie basics.

Picture says a thousand words. I have complied a picbook to get you going that showcases different ways to put on a blue tuxedo. Ways to combine the jacket with other separates and blue tux trouser combination with both polo shirts and leather jackets.

Final Word

Here you have it. Breaking away from the monotony of a black tuxedo to a alternate color blue. If you haven’t invested in a tux yet please do so now or at least start saving for it if you are on a budget. You will find quality from brands like H&M , Gucci, ASOS, Prada and a lot of big brands showcasing them.

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