Rock your menswear with Rockport tassel loafer


Rock your menswear with Rockport tassel loafer


It is said, old is gold and the vintage Rockport Tassel Loafer is a classic and stylish footwear that can be worn on uncountable occasions. This classic loafer emerges at the top of all-time menswear list over the past years. They have been known for their versatility, durability, and timelessness. They cut through the weekend starting on a casual Friday as you get the vintage dapper style on. They’re a great match for jeans, cords, chinos or just about any other casual trouser.

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Characteristics of Rockport Tassel Loafers

The beauty of the vintage classic leather slip-on shoe comes from the following features:

  • Polyurethane outsole which provides durable shock absorption to help reduce foot fatigue.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA) footbed that takes the shape of the foot for a comfortable personalized fit.
  • Leather upper material that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Adiprene technology which is developed by Addidas to provide shock absorbing heel cushioning.
  • Lightweight sole with flex grooves to encourage a smooth and natural walking motion.
  • An air blown out-sole to make the foot feel comfortable even when worn barefoot.
  • Unique lining that absorbs moisture helping the feet to remain dry.

Why is this shoe right for you?

The comfortability of the Rockport Tassel Loafers stands out among many footwear. The English say that only the shoe wearer knows where it pinches. An uncomfortable shoe is usually a very huge distraction.

Imagine going out for dinner and fidgeting throughout the meal just because of a badly fitting shoe. The Rockport Tassel Loafers are meant for comfortability, whether on a long journey or a short journey(I don’t mean that you can go hiking on it just because they are comfortable.) Their unique design sees to it that they conform to the shape of the foot and absorb moisture thereby making the feet dry and comfortable.

Skillfully crafted using high-quality leather, this stylish and comfortable classic shoe is perfect to match up with some khakis for dinner occasions or with a suit for the office. The shoe rack doesn’t have to dig into your pockets and cost you every last coin. Rather, it is wise to buy a multipurpose/multi-occasion shoe which not only saves you money but also saves on space.

Shoes nowadays have age gap disadvantages where a particular design is only associated with a particular group of people. With the Rockport Tassel loafers, everyone is open for wearing. Having shrugged off its old-fashioned connotations, Rockport Tassel footwear has come to consolidate itself as a modern-day menswear staple. If it fits, put it on.


Luckily, the price of the Rockport Tassel has been quite reasonable over the past few years with a plethora of upstart men’s dress shoe brands popping up across the globe. With this in mind, these loafer shoes are a precious dress shoe that has been worn by many generations and will see many generations to come.

Vintage style and quality. Vintage materials are always eye-catching. The Rockport Tassel Loafer is no different. It is made of vintage design which is attractive and unique. This shoe is a fashion style worth looking at.

Shoe Maintenance

Image result for Shoe maintenance

Shoe durability depends on the construction and maintenance as opposed to the price tag. Although this shoe is long lasting, good care of the shoe is really necessary to also boost its durability. Here are some simple measures to take so as to increase the durability of a shoe.

  1. Clean and shine your shoes regularly -This will help keep the leather supple and free from cracks.
  2. Use absorbent shoe trees after you wear the shoes. These will take up moisture (sweat) and help the shoe keep its shape.
  3. Have more than one pair of shoes, and try not to wear the same pair more than a day or two in a row.
  4. Once you wash, do not hang under direct sunlight. Find a place under a shed and hang the shoes.

On that Note

Rockport men’s shoes over-deliver when it comes to comfort, support, durability, and style. The Rockport Tassel Loafer possess all these qualities in addition to being skillfully crafted in vintage design. Footwear is a very important part of good grooming and the Rockport Tessel rocks the menswear world.


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