Reviewing 10 Highly Rated Hoodies for Men in Online Stores.


A simple review of the top rated hoodies for men

The hoodie has been a staple clothe in men’s wardrobe for quite a while now. There never was a man born of a woman who hasn’t had one or two hoodie types all his life. Right from your childhood days through your youthful exuberant life to your regular 9-5 day job the hoodie has had his place along the line. With increased maturity comes increased sophistication and tighter rules. No one likes looking like an ass anymore with bold worded clothing or extra-large logo designs that almost seem like you have to tell the world something they don’t know.

As we grew older, the rules changed, maturity sets in. To make your shopping experience for a nice hoody simple we have reviewed here 10 of the best hoodies making waves right now in the clothing industry for men. You will do well to give yourself a head start with is updated list.

DJT Men’s Oblique Zipper Hoodie Casual Top Coat

Love the zipper designs of this hoodie. Highly casual in appearance and should appeal very much with the younger generation. Looks more like a jacket rather than a hoodie and the blend of polyester and cotton in a 75% and 25% ratio respectively means it incorporates the characteristics of both materials in one.


Carhartt Men’s Fleece Sherpa Lined Sweatshirt

Carhartt are renowned clothing experts. They are very good at what they do and the Collinston brushed hoodie is a complete illustration of their prowess. This hoodie is priced between $50-$105 and fully displays the technical craftiness and attention to details that we have come to associate with the Carhartt brand. One major merit of this hoodie is the Sherpa lining that adds extra comfort. Made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester what you have is a sturdy yet comfortable hoodie with lots of extra features.


Russell Athletic Men’s Dri Power Fleece sweatshirt

This hoodie was built with moisture wicking in mind. It’s a top performer hoodie that fits just right as long as you get the sizing right. For those who don’t like extra spaces in hoodies, you will love this fitted hoodie and for the price, is a must have. What we have here is a multi-functional hoodie that can be used for running, travelling and work outs.


Alternative Men’s Eco Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt

This is a lightweight hoodie, so it won’t do a good job at keeping the chills out during winter season. It’s a perfect hoodie that you can use for layering and was made form a blend of three materials, polyester, cotton and rayon. Eco are a great brand, so trust them on this. Reasonably price between $13 –$95 what you get is a lightweight thin hoodie that can be used as a layering clothe, best for those who love slim fitted hoodies.


URBANCREWS Men’s Hipster Hip Hop Classic Hoodie

A Classic hip hop pullover hoodie makes my list.  I love the fact that there are a wide variety of color types to choose from (about 36). This 100% polyester hoodie means it’s quite elastic, resistant to stains and a bad absorbent of water. Fashion enthusiast, hip hop lovers and style conscious shoppers will love the look and feel of this hoodie. For the young at heart, this is for you. I listed this because it’s rare to find a 100% polyester hoodie looking this good.

S. Polo Assn. Men’s Fleece Hoodie with Sherpa Lining

Another 100% polyester hoodie by U.S. Polo Assn. Of course it is elastic, strain resistant and bad water absorbent. It features a faux-fur lining and split kangaroo pocket. For a price of approximately $45 you can have this quilted lined hoodie that will surly keep you warm. It’s a heavyweight hoodie unlike the lightweight Alternative Eco Zip-up hoodie discussed above.

 H2H Mens Slim Fit Hoodie Zip-Up

A nice blend of cotton and polyester in a 65 to 35 percent ratio means you can count on this product to deliver on both keeping you warm and insulated all day in addition to elasticity. The Korean brand H2H is notorious for clothing items that are slim fitted and in style. This hoodie is no exception. For a mid-price of $36.00 what you have is an excellent lightweight hoodie that will still retain its shape even after many washes.

H2H Mens Fashion Lightweight Zip-up Hoodie

Another H2H hoodie makes my list of top 10 best hoodies for men. That says a lot about the brand. If you haven’t bought one of these, you should. This is a lightweight hoodie to brighten up your casual wears. One thing to note tho, most of the sizes are in Asian so you should order a size or two higher to match your regular US or EU standard size.


Carhartt Men’s Mid weight Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt

Another hoodie from Carhartt makes my top 10 budget hoodie picks. It is described as a mid-weight zip up hoodie. 50% cotton 50% polyester with drawstring and split kangaroo hoodie pockets. It should do a good job of keeping you warm during the chilly weather and features an adjustable drawstring to the hood, warmer pockets and rib-knit cuffs. For a price of $58 it’s well worth the money.

Dickies Men’s Heavyweight Fleece Full Zip hoodie

Lastly, we have the Dickies men’s heavyweight fleece hoodie that nicely blends cotton and polyester fabrics. This should be the real deal when it comes to keeping your body warm. It seems to do a good job of keeping you warm without been bulky. Of the 10 hoodies listed here, I would recommend this heavyweight hoodie by Dickies as a part of your winter season warm gear.


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