Review: Best Budget Tuxedo Shirts for men

Review Budget Tuxedo shirts
Review Budget Tuxedo shirts

Good Budget Tuxedo Shirts Between $30 – $100

The tuxedo is a very viable part of formal wear. Hardly will you find it missing in a real gentleman’s wardrobe. Apart from the few key differences, we would have called it a suit. Budget tuxedo shirts typically come in woolen woven fabrics and lapels that contrast with the fabric. They should have some good quality buttons that stand out when compared to a regular suit. That said it is imperative that a tuxedo should be worn with dress shirts specially designed for them. Here  we did a little research and have reviewed top 10 budget friendly tuxedo shirts that we feel are good enough for personal use or as gift items this shopping season.

A typical tuxedo shirt will have the front part pleated heavily with cotton material. It is also imperative that the buttons of a tuxedo shirt be covered so the pleated lines are not messed up by the buttons.

Here is a review of the top 10 budget tuxedo shirts ranging from $30 – $100

Tuxedo Shirt By Neil Allyn – 100% Cotton

This shirt from Neil Allyn in addition to all the features required by a tuxedo shirt is made from pure cotton, comfortable to wear and can be worn anytime of the year irrespective of the temperature. It has a classic laydown collar and is pleated at the front. A lot of work went into the design features of this white pleated tuxedo shirt that it turn does a good job of bringing out the elegance it offers. For just $30 – $70 you can have it for the keeping or as a gift item.


Neil Allyn Men’s Tuxedo Shirt Poly/Cotton

Another tux shirt by Neil Allyn a little less inferior to the one discussed above. It’s still a great tux shirt to have going by the above average customer reviews. Costing approximately $40 the materials used in construction are a blend of poly and cotton.

New Mens Tailored Slim Fit by Azar

Tailored to fit with black and silver studs and cuff links included I couldn’t pass up on this shirt. Without breaking the bank this shirt could be yours for just $40.The price also covers a plain black modern bow tie to match. What a steal.


Edwards Garment Men’s Tuxedo Shirt

Edwards garment tuxedo shirt can really stand the test of time. It is sturdy yet comfortable and for the price of about $35, it’s definitely a must have. Made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton what you see is what you get. The narrow peaks and black buttons of this tux shirt ensures it’s attractive to onlookers.

Eton Slim Fit Dover Poplin Shirt White

Eton is a brand for highly luxurious shirts. This slim fit tuxedo is no exception, for a price tag of $136.99 what you get is a highly luxurious quality shirt that is second to none. Great fitting shirt, well worth every penny spent. The detail specs ar

e: made from 100% poplin cotton material, cutaway collar, shank button chest pocket and adjustable single cuffs.

Van Heusen Men’s Regular Fit Formal Tuxedo Shirt

This white regular fit tuxedo shirt by Van Heusen cost just $30 and is made from a blend of both polyester and cotton. Needs little or no ironing, incorporates a placket for a more formal look and is winkle free (probably because of the cotton blend).

Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt

Another product from Neil Allyn. It’s a clean designed tuxedo shirt that was made with a nice blend of polyester and cotton. Rightly priced at $40.00, this shirt is the perfect gift item for a formal dress attire lover. One striking characteristic is its pique bib front; this sets it apart in an intriguing manner

Milani Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt with Standard Cuffs & Bow Tie

Outside the fact that this is a great tuxedo shirt, I listed it because I felt we have a winner that is really priced low. Honestly, for just a little below $20 what could be better. Does the low price tag mean its quality has been compromised, I doubt. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have regular buttons like a normal tux. Outside that, it’s a good buy in case you are running on a budget.

Tuxedo Shirt, Cummerbund, Bow Tie, Cufflink & Studs Set

This is a nice tuxedo shirt that comes with cummerbund, bow tie, studs set and cufflinks. It’s the perfect tuxedo gift set this shopping season. Listed by Neil Allyn, so be rest assured the quality is good.

Laydown Collar Tuxedo Shirt

Lastly, a little twist away from the normal white tuxedo, this ivory colored tuxedo can be worn with or without cufflinks (Convertible front and cuffs.) The distinguishing features are its ivory color and its laydown color construction.


This is by no means an exhaustive list but should give you a solid head start on your budget tuxedo shopping.


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