Ray-Ban has been in the business of making sunglasses for quite a while now. They stepped up their game long ago and it’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t donned a pair of this Iconic sunglasses. Ray-Ban, despite its 79 year history is still one of the leading brands around. In this guide we will review some of the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for men.

If you have been envious of the effortless style of James Dean then you are not alone. Chances are, you have already been acquitted with the quality and style of Ray-Ban. Come to think of it, who hasn’t? Most Hollywood scene actors are hardly seen without a pair.  Ray-Ban has successfully combined tradition with contemporary dressing to offer stunning sunglasses that are unique and stylish. The right pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban can elevate an outfit, making it interesting and unique.

Learning how to choose the correct frame, size, shape and tint to various outfits is a style gift everyone must learn. Countless times I have seen properly assembled outfits ruined by improper sunglasses. The wrong frame can ruin an entire outfit.  In this guide we will go through the best sunglass options  from Ray-Ban.

Top Rated Sunglasses

Ray-Ban’s technology to movement and bespoke designs distinguishes them from other brands in the industry. The best of their sunglasses incorporates a photometric or polarized lens.  Photometric lens are prescribed to wearers who have problems with direct sunlight, while polarized lens are for those whose eyes are light sensitive.

Top Ray-Ban Styles

There is a repertoire of artistic and eclectic modern frames from Ray-Ban to suit most face shapes. It is always a nice idea to try a sunglass frame on your face before investing in it because not every frame shape will suit your shape. Over the years Ray-Ban has successfully crafted frames with modernistic designs for the contemporary gent.  Standing heads and shoulders is the Aviators and Wayfarers for men that compliment almost everyone.

The six major design lines from Ray-Ban include Round, Justin, Wayfarers, Aviator and Wayfarer. One good thing about Ray-Ban is that each design is fully customizable from lens color, frame design to material choice. You can get exactly what you want that suits your taste in any fashion you want it.

The Aviator by Ray-Ban

Originally meant for high flying across the continent the Aviator collection has found its way to the staple accessory collection of most men. The aviator was designed for U.S Aviators in 1937 and it’s an iconic sunglass with a very rich history. Aviator sunglasses have a slightly more magnified frame that effectively shields the eyes from direct sunlight.

Aviator Sunglasses Vs Wayfarer Sunglasses

If you are looking to buy one of them, it depends on what you want in a sunglass. Wayfarer designs are majorly focused on the frame rather than the entire body while Aviator sunglasses have slimmer and more flexible frames.

Speaking about the frames, not everyone likes the shape of the Aviator. This has lead the company to design two alternative frames for the purpose of choice. The Outdoorsman RB3030 is a classic piece that incorporates the classic lines of the Aviator while the La Havana Aviator Shooters are crafted with additional designs like a central bullet hole and thin temples to enhance vision.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer