Retro-Rewind Sunglasses

Retro-rewind sunglasses

These are the latest eyewear style sunglasses. They are made of plastics frames, which makes them lighter compared to other glasses. They have gradient lenses, which provide a clear view, the lenses are also non-polarized.

These glasses are made in different sizes, full width of up to 140mm (5.5”), full height of up to 45mm (1.75”) and lenses of width up to 48mm (1.9”). The UV400 standard makes these glasses 100% UV protection hence providing more eye protection which has been proven also by medical experts. The maximum protection from the UV radiations makes them stand out among other sunglasses.

They come in different colors including black-brown, black-gradient smoke, gray-gradient smoke, tortoise-brown and tortoise green, with each different glass having its own price. These glasses however have a retro rewind logo on the lens which is very bold and hence making the glasses look ugly. Also the bright silver logo makes it glitzy. Their shape is even making them to sit well on your face. They have somewhat transparent lenses, though most people prefer darker lenses.

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