Duduma Sunglasses

Duduma sunglasses

Duduma designers craft their men sunglasses so that they can be used in almost all outdoor activities. Therefore its important to look for these pair of sunglasses while engaging in your preferred outdoor activities. These sunglasses do have features that make them very durable. These features include:

TAC polarized lens which are 100% uv400, this helps in protection of the eye against harmful rays and true color is restored. The lens is made of seven layers where the first layer is made of a polarized layer, the second and the third layer is adhesive which helps the lenses to last for long. The fourth and the fifth layer help in protection against the harmful rays. While the sixth and seventh layer is shatterproof material.

The sunglasses are very light hence making them comfortable to wear in a number of sport or outdoor activities.

Duduma sunglasses they do come with a warranty on their lenses and frame where it is a lifetime warranty.

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