monkstrap loafers

Monkstrap Loafers for Men

monkstrap loafers for men

A monkstrap loafer is simply a loafer shoe without lacing but instead, a strap and buckle at the side used to close the shoe. The history of this shoe style is believed to date back hundreds of years ago when a similar version of the shoe was worn by monks in the Italian Alps. Over the years, the style of the shoe has evolved greatly but the design (a strap and buckle) has been retained as a constant feature in the shoe.

Monk strap loafers come in two main variations: single monk and double monk (two buckles). In the recent past, there has even been a triple monk (comes with three buckles).

Most monkstrap loafers have smooth outer shells, woven leather bodies, wingtip patterns, and even capped toes. The best thing about this shoe style is that it is very versatile due to its laid back look thereby making it ideal for both formal and non-formal outfits. In addition to this, the style’s well tailored look coupled with its unique adaptability makes it a great shoe.

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