Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Men Oxfords shoes

Men’s Oxfords Shoes

oxford shoes for men

Ah, Oxfords. It is our opinion that Oxfords shoes  are just as necessary to a man’s wardrobe as any other shoe. However, they require a slight increase in skill to pull off, as they flourish most brilliantly when paired with a brilliant outfit. These old school lace up shoes are in popular demand, and the reality is that most men are somewhat unfamiliar with how they should pair Oxfords. Oxfords with a suit can never go wrong, and of course the pairing depends on the color as well.

A really cool trend right now for the Oxfords is to take them in a whole new direction and to make them really colorful. Everything from a glossy spearmint green to a shiny blue or white is available. Whether you feel like Elvis or Elvis Costello while wearing these pop of color Oxfords, you’ve got to admit that these shoes do succeed at upping your style game overall! Oxfords are defined by their close quarters, which differentiate it from a derby shoe, and look great paired with a crisply pressed pant and dressier or preppier shirt.

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Oxford shoes are a must have for the contemporary gent. They come in a wide range of design features and types. Wingtip, brogues, leather, suede, cap toe, rounded toe, color variations, just name it. Pairing these formal shoes rightly is a skill you must acquire. Shop our growing collections of oxford shoes for men

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