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Fashion shoes for men

Fashion Shoes for Men – In Style for the Modern Man

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The male gender is typically not known to be picky when it comes to shoes and other footwear. Most men are comfortable in any shoe as long as it fits perfectly and does not cause discomfort while walking.

However, opting for a stylish footwear not only makes a man look presentable but also complements his choice of clothes and outfits.

Just like ladies’ shoes, not all mens shoe types are universal. As such, there is a type of shoe that is particularly great for official outfit but inappropriate for a social outfit. Due to such differences, it is important to know which men’s shoes go with what choice of dressing.

Men’s shoes may not get as much attention as women’s shoes in this consumer culture, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important! While some guys consider a pair of training sneakers and a nice pair of dress shoes to be all they need, some guys just enjoy wearing different types of shoes. There are some great designers and great types of men’s shoes out there,all you have to do is look in the right place and develop an eye for style. We’ve assembled a list of some of the top men’s shoes you just might want to check out.

No gentleman’s wardrobe is complete without at least some of these shoes!

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Boat Shoes

These authentic men’s shoes are for relaxing on land or by the sea and are called boat shoes. These shoes appear like unpolished leather and they come in different colors. The major colors in market include tan, beige, brown and navy. These shoes appear to be more strong and long lasting, though other short-lived designs exist e.g. khaki

Gucci loafers

Some men will require authentic shoes that lack laces. These shoes can be either for formal purposes or informal functions. They show an aspect of flexibility. It is always a convention that loafers, especially Gucci loafers, are not worn together socks. Feels prudent but fashion designers have their own personal recommendations. Most of these are made of leather

Men’s boots

Just from their appearance, these authentic men’s boots look like they are designed for hard tasks. Those who carry out activities that are energy consuming such as factory jobs and individuals who travel a lot are the best clients for these. They have a thick sole and heavy body making them the strongest men’s shoes

Moccasins and Loafers

These have now become the most common authentic shoes worn by men in the current generation. They are readily available and pocket friendly. Moccasins for men are more than flexible and allow the creation of lots of designs due to cloth material used to make them

Sandals and Flip flops

They are the simplest and show an aspect of comfort. Most of them are made of rubber and are used when relaxing or taking a bath.

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