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Tag Heuer watches for men

Tag Heuer Watches for Men

Tag Heuer watches for men

Tag Heuer watches for men are a brand of luxurious watches that offers top notch craftsmanship second to none in the industry. The brand has collections that are targeted at various price ranges, with increased sophistication comes an increase in price, money well spent. Tag Heuer watches offer affordable luxurious timepieces when compared to other high end counterparts.

Originally founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer this brand has grown to be a trusted and most reliable fashion timepiece in the modern era. With ambassadors like Leonard Di Caprio and Brad Pitt its no wonder they have become a major staple accessory in the wardrobes of most gentlemen.

Because of the innovative expertise and ingenuity of the Tag Heuer brand most people think about a Tag Heuer watch whenever they are looking to buy a high end timepiece. Years of trust and constant innovation is what brought them this far.

Tag Heuer Carrera Collection

Tag Heuer Carrera Watches

The Carrera collections are one of the brand’s most popular and sophisticated lines. They hit the market way back in 1963 and ever since then the brand has been adding and improving this collection.

Tag Heuer Monaco Collection

Tag Heuer Monaco watch

The Monaco collections are inspired by car racing.  The Monaco collection epitomizes the brand’s affiliation to car racing.

The formula 1 watch collection is another example of their lines affiliated to racing. They are eye catching and highly sophisticated watches. The movement are of high standards and are made from the best materials in the industry.

The brand does have some limited edition lines that denotes some of their past achievements and future plans. Among this limited edition watches is the Tag Heuer Carrera Space X watch that connotes Tag Heuer as one of the watch brands to land space.

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