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Rolex watches for men

Rolex Watches for Men – Innovation at its Finest

Rolex watches for men

Rolex watches for men are as good as they get in terms of high end watches. They are at the very top of the industry. In any aspect you want to look at a watch from, the Rolex brand has it all. From the materials for manufacturing, to the movement of the watch, everything seems to be top-notch. You can hardly fault a Rolex watch. They were definitely not made for the middle class because the price tags are quite high. They do have some brands tho, with flexible financing.

They are the world’s biggest luxury brand with over 4000 workers crafting about 2000 watches per day. The company Rolex was registered in 1908 by Wilhelm Wilsdorf and Alfred James Davis. Word has it that the name Rolex was coined out of the blue where the innovators thought it was easy to pronounce. The Rolex brand has been awarded a series of times for their innovation, craftsmanship, precision and accuracy.

Some of the major collections are lightly reviewed below:

The Oyster Perpetual Line

rolex oyster perpetual datejust

The Oyster collections were born way back in 1918 and just as the name suggest it is waterproof to great depths. Hermetic seals are a feature in newer models that gives an added support against shocks, pressure, water and dust.

The Oyster were among the first to be incorporated with the world’s first self-winding mechanism in 1931 known as the perpetual rotor. Later on it was replace by a new balance wheel known as the “Super balance”. The first chronograph watch came with a newer movement mechanism known as the “Valjoux”.

Its common place these days to find Rolex watch lines called Datejust( the first timepiece  collection to show date as a little aperture) and has been modified and called the Cyclops eye.

The Rolex day –date watch lines released in 1956 showed both the date and day as a tiny aperture at a dial. Also known as the president’s watch, this innovative timepiece is a joy to behold.

Rolex Professional Line Watch Collections

Some of the most iconic Rolex timepieces have been fashioned under the professional lines. They are specialty watches with specific features for divers, mountain climbers, pilots and explorers. The Rolex submariner was the first timepiece in history with water resistance of up to 100m. The Explorer ( now explorer II) was used in the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. The Milgauss can survive magnetic shock fields of up to 1000 Gauss.

Other specialty watch lines include the GMT-Master Watch for pilots the Legendary Cosmograph Daytona(debut 1960) for motor racing  and a newer model of the submariner known as the new Sea-dweller(improved 1971) which took water resistance to 2000 feets and later to 4000 feets.

Yacht-master and Yacht master II watches provided more features like the regatta chronograph for those who wanted to conquer the sea.

If you have the money there is no point thinking twice, go get yourself a Rolex Watch. All other brands follow after the innovation of Rolex, this is why they remain at the fore front in the watch industry.

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