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Bulova Men's Watches

Bulova Watches for Men

bulova men's watches

The Bulova brand prides itself as one of the most successful pieces of watches out there. They have come a long way from its introduction in 1919. They are known to create some of the world’s finest and most stunning watches. The best part is without compromising on quality they have successfully penetrated the budget watch category. With all the sophistication and craftsmanship they are still able to price it at a range where they aren’t above the average Joe. For first timers, not only are the Bulova men’s watches exquisitely made, you will absolutely love them.

Think the marine star as a top Bulova budget watch for men costing approximately $98. It completes a causal style with its polished look and feel. The bands are segmented with colors in a silver stainless steel case.  It is a classic timepiece with a blue dial and silver tone hands.

For a dress watch think the Bulova men’s 96B104 dress watch that features a leather strap and rounded silver case. This pair can complement your look and give you a sophisticated appearance. Other dress watches include the rectangular faced Bulova 96A23-SD and the two tone 98H18 bracelet watch. You can also take a look at the Bulova Exhibition watches and higher brand watches for added functionality and sophistication

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